whats your favorite UGG color...??

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  1. im getting new uggs for winter, and i really like these crochet tall uggs... but i dont know which color to get?? some help please?

    (note: i usually wear my uggs with skinny jeans, and i want it to match my purses, which are mostly brown or beige)

  2. I love the beige.
  3. Beige would probably go best. I also think it would be the quickest to get dirty.
  4. oh wow! you replied so fast

    yeah, i was leaning towards beige or black... i love the red, but dont think i can pull it off :sad:
  5. They just showed this on Oprah's Favorite Things today. The whole audience got them.
  6. Black:tup:
  7. yes! i actually took the pic from her website :p

    ive been wanting these for a while, but went with ugg upside instead..
    and when i saw it on oprah, i had to get it..
  8. Normally I would say beige but the black ones are really cute. :yes:
  9. Beige
  10. Chestnut
  11. My favess are Chestnut and Sand. Get them in Sand/Beige.
  12. In this style, I like black the best.
  13. I honestly have like every Ugg imaginable but still always default to my chestnut or sand pairs.
  14. I think Beige would be nice. =)
  15. Can't beat black.