Whats your favorite Tokidoki print?

  1. I just did a search and I didn't see a thread on it (if there is, then moderators please kill this thread). And someone tell me where the thread is. :shame:

    But what is everyone's favorite Tokidoki print (even if its one of the upcoming ones)? I know it may be hard but try picking one ;) unless you really can't.

    So I'll start... My favorite is the Inferno. :devil:
  2. Mine is Foresta, but it's really really hard to pick just one. Playground is a close second, and Playground Cammo Olive, the original Tokidoki print, and Inferno are tied for third. Amore will be a favorite too once it is released!
  3. there are post of fav prints in the fav charcter thread..but i dont see why cant we have a thread of fav print :biggrin:

    I say foresta forever!! :biggrin: ...and the funny thing green aint my fav color:nuts: second would be pirata..then playground.. and who knows maybe the transporto :graucho: cant wait to see it!
  4. mine is paradiso. foresta is second. inferno is third. but once spiaggia comes out, who knows.
  5. Mine is playground and pirata is second and then original print. If there were lattes on pirata it would def. b my fav!! :love:
  6. I used to like playground but now I like pirata more, and maybe amore in the future :shrugs:
  7. forestaaaa!!! i can't get enough of all the happy creatures roaming around!
  8. Either Amore or Spiaggia once it comes out, but for the moment, my favorite is Playground Cammo Black, followed by Paradiso, and third would be Pirata ^^
  9. i agree!!!:roflmfao:
  10. argh! Pirate lattes!
  11. My favorite is Inferno :devil:
  12. Playground first, then pirate . Don't know if it will change though or not until I see the new prints irl.
  13. Pirata, Playground Cammo Olive, Foresta but all I have is the Citta. Haha XD
  14. currently my fave is the original print...but that may change since the Amore is coming out in a month!!
  15. Right now it's pirata, playground, and then citta rosa. That could change once spiaggia comes out though.