What's your favorite time of the day? Do you have a bit of time for you?

  1. Do you have a secret window of time that is yours alone and guilt free.

    Mine is right now!!

    My kids have different start times for school, so between 7:35/7:40 until 8:15 it's like my own little pocket of guilt free, quiet time.

    I usually get up around 6-6:30 get myself ready, pick up around the house, check my schedule for the day, feed the cat, etc....then I get dh and 1 son ready and out the door....so by the time they leave they house is clean, I am clean and have my day planned but little man doesn't have to get up until 8:15

    So for 30-45 minutes, I grab my mocha and I check my e-mail, check the boards I am a regular on, check my items I am watching on eBay, just putz around. Sure I do that other times through out the day...but this is the one I love, the one where there a bunch of new posts and e-mails, where I don't feel guilty...I don't feel like I should be doing something else. The house it quiet and clean and I can just relax :smile:

    Have a great day! Find your own pocket of time :smile:
  2. My favorite "me" time is probably on Saturday mornings. My BF works overnight at a hospital. He doesn't get home until later in the a.m. so I usually have a chance to do really girly things like watching chick flicks and painting my nails in bed. It is nice to just have things really quiet and be able to snuggle with my puppy or just relax on the couch.

    I also love going to the mall by myself sometimes. That way I can go to the stores I love and spend as much time as I want to in each of them!
  3. Sunday mornings..sleeping in till 11am (hehe) and going to grab coffee with my SO...priceless moments.
  4. I don't really have a time that's truly for myself...except for when I'm in classes, and even then I'm surrounded by hundreds of people, lol.

    I guess if I stay up late, after the baby and DH have gone to sleep but other than that, not really :smile:
  5. Usually late at night, when DH is in bed. I will write in my journal, and listen to some music. I know a journal may seem a little childish, but honestly, it keeps my thoughts in check!!! That's my ME time.:yes:
  6. My favorite time is night around 9-9:30pm when all the kids are sleeping and out for good and the dishes are already washed and the house is clean. Then I can relax and read my current book or get on the comp or take a long bath and eventually snuggle with dh as we watch tv before falling asleep.
  7. Time for myself would have to be weekdays from 8:35 to 10am. After that I do my chores, my shopping & my errands, hopefully to get done by the time I pick up the kids from school.
  8. In the evening after kids r in bed------
  9. After work on days when I can come home and don't have plans for that evening. I prefer to have DH and my son with me during my favorite part of the day, even if we are just under one roof. We don't even have to be speaking to each other. That is my absolute favorite part of the day.
  10. Cocktail hour - between 4:00 and 6:00 -
  11. me time is after I get home from the gym/shower, when I am surfing the web, reading forums/blogs, before I go to bed
  12. Me time is between 12:30-1:50. I usually do a little reading/drink some coffee. I really like bed time too, because I'm always pretty tired.
  13. My favorite time of the week is Friday afternoon. It just holds so much promise. I love to get the kids from school and officially start the weekend. HAPPY TIME.
  14. After 8 pm when the kids go to sleep.
  15. LOL...that's a good time too ;)