what's your favorite t.v. show?

I'm a big fan of most of the HBO series: Deadwood, Sopranos, The Wire, Carnivale (though this one isn't renewed).

Also love all of the Law & Orders, Gilmore Girls, and still watch Sex & The City re-runs whenever they're on.
2. Third Watch (even though its finished)
3. SUV
4.Desperate Housewives
6. The Simpsons
7. FRIENDS (even though thats finished too)
8. Sex and the City (yeah - i'm like a re-run freak!!!)

Currently on the TIVO season pass:

1 - 24
2 - The office
3 - Law & Order SVU
4 - Without a Trace
5 - CSI
6 - Dr. 90210
7 - Law & Order (although would somebody shoot McCoy already)
8 - Project Runway

Now my all time favorite TV show - probably HBO's "Curb your enthusiasm". Then again, every show HBO does I seem to get sucked into - even that Rome show, that I swore I would not watch; next thing you know ... I'm tivoing it.
pseub said:
I'm a big fan of most of the HBO series: Deadwood, Sopranos, The Wire

The Wire might just be the best crime drama ever. I love how NBC and HBO rotate actors. I was a huge Oz fan, it was very hard to watch SVU and Oz at the same time; is it Detective Stabler or inmate Keller.

I am a huge HBO series fan as well though I can talk about HBO shows like my own mother is the creator and my brother the CEO.
Current shows:

Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lost, Prison Break, Gilmore Girls, House, Alias, Grey's Anatomy, MI-5 (BBC Series)

Old shows:

X-Files, Roswell, Felicity, Sex and the City