What's your favorite summer bag?

  1. i'm getting my winter bag the day after tomorrow and that made me thinking about summer bags also. What's your summer love?
  2. At the moment White MC Trouville and red Lexington..
  3. My White MC Trouville!!
  4. Denim Baggy PM
  5. denim speedy or white Mc speedy.
  6. All thedenim line!:biggrin:
  7. Well since I dont carry bags except my backpack for school,

    my favorite summer bag is the Perfo Musette in pink or a fringe speedy
  8. Fuchsia Mini Pleaty :wlae:
  9. Hmm well I live in Arizona, so I don't usually use bags strictly for summer or winter. My fav year round bag is my damier speedy 30:smile:
  10. I think the vernis in framboise would be pretty. Wish I had one, lol.
  11. White mc speedy and black mc alma!
  12. My "summer" bags are not LV! (metallic pearl Botkier and a green Bulga hobo)
  13. It changes, right now my white mc aurelia
  14. i never think of my bags as seasonal, but with what i have right now, the bags that would look nice for summer would be my white Multicolore Trouville, Cherry Blossom Papillon, Perle and Marshmallow Bedfords, Trapeze PM in Rose, white Suhali L'Epanoui GM, Denim Neo-Speedy and Cerises Speedy
  15. Right now the fuschia pochette rabat (is that it), the one with the chains.... so cute, ...:beach: