What's your favorite style?

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  1. Open toe? Closed toe? Slingback? d'Orsay? Mary Jane? Ankle strap? T-strap? Platform or no platform? Wedge? Stiletto? Sandal or pump? Or something else?

    What style do you gravitate towards when you are browsing the shoe departments and boutiques? I am mysteriously attracted to the Mary Jane style yet tend to stay away from ankle straps.

    What about you?
  2. as of lately i've been attracted to high shoes with plaforms ala ysl tribute sandals and boots. after owning the tribute and realizing how comfy they were, i went a bit overboard and bought the ankle booties and the regular boots.
  3. Closed toe, because work and labs require it to be so.
    Mary Janes because they're versatile as well.

    I avoid stilettos because I have this tendancy to lose balance. ._.; But I wish I could wear them, they come in pretty designs, and sometimes I feel like I haven't outgrown the style of shoes I've been wearing since a child.
  4. I like high heeled, closed toe platform pumps best. They are the most comfortable for me.

    Mary Janes are cute too. I also love sandals, like the YSL Tributes for ex., but they're less practical IMO. Oh, and I loooove wedges! And all types of boots too (except booties)! Haha, I guess I'm attracted to a lot of styles! :graucho:

    I really love the look of peep toe pumps (and have quite a few) but they tend to hurt my toes, so I try to avoid them from now on.

    I really don't like slingbacks! I can't walk in them! I also don't like very thin heels.

  5. Depends on the season, but I generally opt for height.

    In winter I live in boots (over-the-knee, platform, furry) and skinny jeans.
    In Spring and summer, I ONLY wear wedges (higher the better). Love espadrilles.
    In Fall, its platform pumps and maryjanes.

    Occasionally, I go with my ballet flats (TB and London Sole), but not very often.
  6. i have an addiction to sandals and peep toes, simply because then i can make my nails look good. slingbacks look nice but i worry they will fall off my feet. i guess it depends on the occasion for me.

    i really hate flats simply because they make my feet look huge.
  7. I prefer high-heeled sandals, usually with a small platform. The straps make the shoe interesting and hold it on my foot better than standar pumps, and the platform makes them more comfortable to wear.

    Slingbacks never stay put very well on my feet, and peep toes invariably hurt. Mary Janes are fine, though I don't like ankle straps as well. Flats always hurt at the front, where the edge of the shoe usually rubs on or next to where my big toe meets my foot. I don't have bunions, but from the way flats fit me, a person would guess I did. I've never found a comfortable pair of ballet flats.
  8. Knee-high boots. They are my true love.

    Recently I've been buying a lot of ballet flats.

    As far as heels go, I seem to gravitate to peep-toes, and hate slingbacks (refuse to buy them). Don't care for platforms generally, though since starting with Louboutins I've warmed to them slightly (for example, I have a pair of nude patent Very Prive and a pair of black leather Scissor Girl) -- but I almost always prefer non-platform to platform. I really don't care for this mega-platform trend that's in style recently (YSL Tributes, etc.). Don't much care for d'orsay -- they're pretty and I like them on other people, but they're not comfortable for me. I'm also not all that big on mary janes. I have two pairs that I like, but they're not one of my favorite styles. I can take or leave wedges.

    I'm pretty much a classic pumps and peep-toes girl :smile:. I like classic shoes in interesting materials -- bold colors (I love bright flashy metallics and colored suedes), patent, etc.
  9. Same here! :Push:
  10. That sounds like a challenge :graucho:.

    Have you guys tried the following brands/styles?

    Lanvin: Feels really wonderful on -- they hug the feet. Mine are suede, and the material is the most soft, buttery, gorgeous suede I've ever encountered.

    Repetto BB: Classic ballet flat made from very thin/soft/delicate leather.

    Tory Burch Reva: Difference in comfort between materials -- suede is absolutely wonderful (feels like a slipper) and nappa leather is also very soft and comfortable. The rubber sole makes them feel cushiony to walk in.

    Sue London: I wouldn't wear them for any sort of extended heavy-duty walking because of the split sole, but they are very comfortable. Soft leather, cushiony insole.
  11. ^^No, I haven't tried any of these yet. I don't know about the other brands, but I do know that a shop here carries Lanvin flats, so I'll certainly go and try them out!

    I'll keep an eye out for the other brands too!

    The ballerina flats I have now are Gucci and some lower name brands, and they all kill my feet! They hurt my toes, the area above my toes and most of all, my heels! So I decided never to buy a pair of ballerina flats again. For flats, I just stick to Gucci sneakers, which are very comfy actually, or their flat sandals or flip flops. And their high heels are great too!

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out as soon as I can! ;)
  12. I've tried the Revas and Lanvin, but not the rest. The Lanvin are wonderfully soft leather, but the front edge of a ballet flat, no matter what brand I've tried, presses or rubs right under or on the bone by my big toe. I can tell as soon as I try them on. While I haven't purchased the Lanvin, I could feel the edge where ballet flats normally hurt, and I wasn't willing to risk the money on shoes I suspected I wouldn't wear! I did purchase a pair of Revas, but they hurt and I gave them to a friend. Honestly, I've just given up on ballet flats now. I have dressy shoes I can wear and walk in all day, and I have casual shoes that don't hurt, so there's no need for them for me.

    But I've heard a number of people mention the Sue London flats, so maybe I should at least try those on... Hope springs eternal!
  13. Cowboy Boots are my fav...but I love d'Orsay peep-toes a lot maybe with a little platform. I think half my shoes have peep-toes.
  14. I gravitate towards peeptoes... I like really most styles except for slingbacks. They never stay on my heel.
  15. I tend to prefer closed high heels shoes, but I like peep toes too. I also love ballerinas.
    Lately I've developed a passion for colored shoes..I recently got some colored pairs of shoes: red, yellow, purple, green.
    I absolutely avoid ankle booties because I don't like them.