What's your favorite "state fair" food?

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  1. The Wisconsin State Fair is huge here and my kids look forward to going every year. We love the animals, the carnival-type atmosphere, but mostly all the different types of "food" you can get! And I put the word "food" in quotes here because I think you all know what I mean!

    So yesterday we went to the fair and tried our first deep friend oreo. I have to say it was amazing: a chocolate oreo dipped in funnel-cake batter then fried to a crispy and delicate confection that literally melted in your mouth. The oreo takes on a cake-like consitency - almost like a lava cake.

    Personally my fav is the Caramel Apple Sundae: sliced green apple, topped with caramel, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry!

    So 'fess up and post your favs! I also would LOVE to hear about all the "food" on a stick that is out there!!
  2. funnel cake!!!
    My DD loves the corn on the cob.
  3. deep fried cookie dough!! soooo good!! i tried making it at home, it was a disaster.
  4. Funnel cake immediately comes to mind. But maybe if I tried deep fried cookie dough, I'd have a new favorite.
  5. ^never heard of that one!
  6. Funnel cakes, elephant ears, & deep fried Snickers bars...
  7. i love funnel cakes w/ strawberries
    dh- anything with meat
    kids -corn dogs
  8. funnel cake or cotton candy.
  9. Definately Funnel Cake... covered with powdered sugar. MMM makes me want one right now.
  10. I love corn dogs and funnel cakes!
  11. Oh man, I LOVE fairs just for the food! I try to go to one every summer. My favs are:

    -Lemon Shakeups
    -Smoked turkey legs
    -Funnel cakes
    -Elephant ears
    -Corn dogs
    -The IL state fair sells these things called "Bavarian Fat Balls," basically big doughnuts filled with your choice of sweets, soo good!
    -saltwater taffy
    -cotton candy!

    I can't get everything I love every year because I'd end up huge, but this year I went for part of a funnel cake, a corndog, and a lemon shakeup...I was in fair food heaven...
  12. Cotton candy!!
  13. What are elephant ears?
  14. Funnel cakes, of course! And fried dough....mmm mmm!!! Sooo bad for you, but sooooo good!
  15. Funnel Cake!!!