What's your favorite spot in your bedroom?

  1. I know this is really random but, sitting in my room just now i noticed that the space in between my TV stand and the foot of my bed is always the most neat, clutter free spot in my room. (It's also the spot that I'll take a good book and a comfy pillow to) My closet gets messy sometimes, my bed does not always get done, and the rest of my room just has...stuff! So i came to the conclusion that that little area is my favorite spot in my room.:p So what's your favorite spot? Even to just look at and admire... maybe it's a little nook and cranny space like mine or your bed to just relax, or maybe your closet to put in all those new shopping bags!:nuts:
  2. Mine is my bed for sure. I've taken a lot of pride in getting fabulous linens, down featherbed (on top of the mattress), NO TV (bedroom is for resting or ahem getting busy, NOT tv but that's just IMO).

    I have a wonderful walk in closet but it's going to get an extreme makeover in the near future so that might be my next favorite spot in the future. For now, the bag collection is in my 3rd bedroom closet, LOL.
  3. I like my bed too but something is wrong with my headboard, lol. Maybe when i get it fixed i'll like my bed a bit more...i know i have no complaints when it comes to crashing out on it! :roflmfao: As for my closet....one word, BIGGER.:push:
  4. My bed, for sure... I don't spend enough time in it :sad:
  5. My bed! I invest a lot of money in good linens, blankets and quilts. Need new pillows though.
  6. The bed!!
  7. my bed, Im so in love with it...
  8. Definitely my bed! :yes:
  9. Like everyone else has said...the bed.
  10. :girlsigh:bed
  11. Bed too, so comfy cozy and warm, especially now that it's cold.
  12. Bed..it's giant, and I always have a bunch of pillows and blankets stacked everywhere. So comfy!

    I was going to say my walk in closet, but it's pretty messy these days and I kind of use it to store bottled water and paper towels. (they were on sale.)
  13. We have a gorgeous bed! Also, the fire place, it was hubby's idea so that makes it special. It is very romantic, but sometimes I feel it is wasted space. However is so pretty, I also like our hardwood floors. I guess I really like our room, thanks for making me think about it.
  14. My yummy, yummy bed. It's the most comfortable in the whole world. I love when we all (hubby, puppies and I) go in there, turn on the a/c and relax. I love the smell of my room too.
  15. Mine is my bed. Not that I ever make my bed or anything, but I love to lay in it.