Whats your favorite Speedy? Mono or Damier?


Whats your favorite Speedy? Mono or Damier?

  1. Mono

  2. Damier

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  1. Whats your favorite Speedy? Mono or Damier?

    Would you still pick the classic mono even with all the fakes out there???
  2. There is nothing like the classic Mono speedy!
  3. My favorite is the mono.
  4. ME TOO
  5. :yes: :yes: I agree!!
  6. for me, Mono all the way. I don't care too much for the Damier. Regarding the fakes......no matter what everyone else is carrying, you will know that yours is real and that is all that matters.
  7. I think that mono is more classic. I like it more because I find it easier to match with my wardrobe.
  8. I go with mono too. I am not a damier fan. I agree with Heather - I could careless if someone thinks I have a fake. I know it's real and that's all that matters.
  9. mono
  10. I like the mono speedy over the damier!
  11. Damier, i love it due to it being so understated and that people dont even know its LV!
  12. I have both; I like the mono better, but lately have been using the damier due to weather concerns. I love my mono speedy!
  13. I have and :heart: both. But, If you can only get one, I would get the mono speedy 30.
  14. I love the mono Speedy the most too. :yes:
  15. i have both, but i prefer the Damier, because it's less common and not faked to death, and it's so low-maintenance