What's your favorite season for clothes, etc

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  1. I really am a spring/summer lover as my favorite pastime is gardening and I dislike winter and always look forward to warmer weather, longer days to spend in my garden.

    But when it comes to clothes, accessories and cosmetics my favorite season is Fall. I love the colors/fashions that come out in Fall.

    How do you feel? Peggy
  2. It gotta be the winter. I love coats, boots, sweaters... scarves, gloves.
  3. Winter!! :heart:3
  4. Winter, love the clothes
  5. Winter
  6. Winter. You can do soooo much more with your clothes in the winter.
  7. I love winter season (unfortunetly not a big fan of winter fashion :sad:) HOWEVER, when it comes to clothes, my favorite is spring & summer because I love to wear summer dresses. But I don't like the actual seasons. I get a really bad allergy in Spring and I can't stand the heat of summer.I guess I'm just really weird :shrugs::shame:
  8. Fall and winter-- I love breaking out my boots and leather jackets for the first time!!
  9. I like fall... winter is too cold
  10. I love fall/winter clothes and accessories!
  11. winter
  12. I :heart: the fall and winter for the colors. Sparkle67, I also enjoy wearing leather jackets and boots. Unfortunately though, the weather in san jose, ca doesn't get that cold to wear jackets or coats.
  13. Fall/winter... In the summer its tanks, shorts and skirts. Nothing exciting about that.
  14. I love winter, that's the time to bring out all those boots!:yahoo:
  15. Fall
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