What's your favorite pochette?

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  1. I've come to the conclusion that for my next purchase, a pochette would be good. It will be my first pochette, so I'm thinking just the Monogram, but I can't help but adore the Multicolore and the Vernis too! How did you decide on your first pochette and what would you recommend?

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. My first and second pochettes (bought together) were the damier azur and the mono. I thought I might not use the azur so much but when I bought it last November it was summer here in Oz and I have used it so many times, it goes with everything. I love pochettes so much I now own 11 of them. They kinda grow on you.
  3. I really like the look of the Riveting one. That's probably the one I would pick up.
  4. Monogram for your first pochette...if not then azur for the fresher look.
  5. My Mono pochette goes with everything and while I love all my other LV bags, ironically I probably use this one the most.
  6. i decided to buy damier pochette for my 1st pochette, the handle not easily to get dirty... and look more mature...and possibly will bring "her" go for vacation in this coming July, to Hanoi, Vietnam....
  7. My first was the Riveting. I wanted to have a cute "going out" bag that was not bulky. The detailing makes it really stand out, but the brass scratches easily so you have to be careful. I found this out the hard way the first night I used it. :s
    But I still love it and use it ALL the time.
  8. My one and only is the Cerises pochette. I had to have a Cerises piece--those little cheery cherry faces had to be mine! I use it mostly when I run errands and use it as a wristlet--I attach the strap to the same end. It is really great to carry that way in a grocery store. I will be getting a black Epi pochette next.
  9. Lexington is so pretty! But I want the framboise and I don't see them anymore!
  10. My first pochette was my Black MC Shirley. She is so classy. I love her.
  11. I have a mono and azur, and I still think the mono is my favorite. It's classic and the most hardy IMO.
  12. At the moment I don't have one..but I would like to get Sophie in Damier...
  13. I don't yet own an pochettes, but I am thinking about getting the azur.
  14. I love my Cherry Blossom ones!! I like the Azur, if you want to get something that's good for spring and summer, the Azur is definitely it!
    Here's my collection. :smile:

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  15. Thanks for the input, everyone. :smile: I think I've narrowed my choices down to Damier Azur or just Monogram. :love: