What's Your Favorite PCE Purchase?

  1. I think it's safe to say that many tpfers have added lots of beautiful bags to their collection. This may be hard, but I'm going to ask you to pick ONE item as your favorite and why.

    And those of you who had the restraint to buy only one item---well--we applaud you!:tup:

    I'll go first.

    My favorite PCE purchase is my vintage ergo tote. I absolutely love the color, the size and the legacy lining. I bought it to replace a much loved leather tote I carried for about 10 years (and is still in great shape); I believe I will love it in 10 years as well....:heart:
  2. Probably my Large Legacy Stripe Slim Wallet! I LOVE HER!
  3. oooohhhh, this is a hard one... I am going to have to go and fondle all of my bags and get back to you on that.....
  4. Hehhe... I know, this is a tough one!
  5. I only bought one bag...but hold your applause please! It was only because I couldn't afford more than that or I'm sure I would have! Anyway, I got the Chelsea Mineral Hobo. I was torn while in the store between her and a large Carly in khaki/ebony. I kept trying them both on and trying to decide but I brought Chelsea home though I still felt unsure-I figured I could get Carly another time. However, I have since fallen madly in love with her and I have no regrets for leaving Carly behind. I've received so many compliments on this bag already. I love the color and the unique styling. Though I still lust after Abbey, I do love this Chelsea a lot!
  6. I'm still waiting for some things to come in this week, so I can't reply fairly just yet but up until now if I have to pick it would be my khaki/gold sign. Ali!!
  7. My RED PATENT ERGO HOBO!!! :love:

    I have to say, though, that although I knew I definitely wanted the slim tote, I'm really amazed at how much I just ADORE mine now that it's here. I love the smell, the feel, the weight...it's a closer second to the red patent than I thought it would be! Now if the rain would just stop already so that I could actually use it... :hrmm:
  8. I got the small Hamptons Pebbled Hobo in Sand during PCE and I must say that I adore it!!! It's sooo soft and even though it's small, it holds everything I need! I just think it looks so classy and I love it!!
  9. def the red patent ergo hobo, I just love that dang bag
  10. Legacy striped flats; so comfy and so cute! Of course I have not received my Miranda yet, so that may change.
  11. My legacy shoulder in Pond. I love the color and the legacy lining makes me drool everytime I open her.
  12. Red patent ergo. My favorite bag ever! The only accessory I got was my legacy umbrella....man I love it!
  13. My mineral chelsea wristlet, definitely!
  14. Hmmm.... that is hard! I made a few purchases and I really like them all! I love my legacy stripe french wallet but I think I love my vintage ergo hobo most of all! It's truly gorgeous!
  15. It's got to be my Carly sittin' in hubby's closet for only 20 more days!!!