What's your favorite pair of Joe's Jeans & JBrand jeans?

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  1. I can't try them on instore, so I'm just guessing when I buy them online! What are your favorite washes/styles in these brands????

    If it matters, I have thinner legs, but a tummy that lends itself to a muffin top:tdown:
  2. Thinner legs, but a tummy that lends itself to a muffin top <<-- sound like me.

    My fav is the Provocateur, Muse, Rocker in any dark wash. I tried on many styles from this brand and most of them fit well. I like most of them(except Honey since it was made for curvy girl and I am not.. so it didn' t work out for me. I think they run TTS. One thing I dont like about this brand is their wash.... it doesn't hold up very well. They fade so quick compared to all the other brand I have.
  3. i think j brands might work better for your shape. the legs and thighs in joes are kind of wide. ink is a nice dark wash for j brands!
  4. I love Joe jeans! Provocateur and Rocker are my favorite styles.
  5. I am the opposite shape to you in that I have a flat tummy but generous hips and thighs. I always go for wide legs and J brand are my favourite (have Kat and Malik). I've never tried Joes so they might be just as great.
  6. Provocateur and Muse also. JBrand doesn't fit me well.
  7. J Brand 914 Ink (Cigarette)
  8. Ironically, I got my first pair of joe's jeans today in the honey fit and I love them! they fit better than my SFAM and citizens!
  9. J Brand skinnies, pencils or cigarettes in Ink, Dark Vintage or Birdie. Very nice washes.
  10. I have the Joe's Honey in Harvey and I had to size down. They don't flatten my butt and they're nice and forgiving. I have the J.Brand 918s I got from Off 5th and I think I should have kept to my normal size (I went up) because they stretch that eensy annoying amount where you don't wanna wear a belt but you're in danger of showing crack. Oh well. I wear longer shirts with those. I want a straight leg pair of J.Brands - I got my mom a PERFECT, AUTHENTIC, OFF-THE RACK HEMS pair of them from Thrift town for $6. If only we had the same size... sigh.
  11. I love Joe's Rockers. I think you'd like them, because they're cut a little thinner in the legs. They're super flattering in the dark washes.

    The only J Brand jeans I have are the Joplin wide legs. They're cut big in the legs (obviously), but you might like them, because they're cut a little fuller in the waist/ tummy too.
  12. Joe's Honey in the Perry wash. (I have a flat stomach and a giant behind, so I guess you should steer clear of what I like since it sounds like we're polar opposites!) These are the only jeans I've found that don't gap out in the middle of the back. They have a bit of stretch so sizing isn't rocket science, plus if you're lucky enough to knock off some weight you can wash them in warmer water and they'll shrink a tad without getting weird.
  13. I'm like you- I have an apple shape (a bit of a tummy, but skinny butt and thighs).

    I love my J Brand Lovestory's- especially since I'm short. I get them hemmed up a bit and they make me look so nice and long and lean.

    I also really like Joe's Provocateurs in the vincent wash/style. :tup:
  14. Joe's Jeans Honey in Harvey wash are my absolute favorites. I have fairly curvy thighs, and I think these fit wonderfully.

    I haven't tried J Brand, but with all the talk about them I'd like to!
  15. I just ordered my 3rd pair of Joe's Provocateur the other day in Eames (darker wash). Right now I have the Lee wash (light) and watson (darker) wash. I love them both! I haven't tried J Brand, but Joe's jeans fit me perfectly.