What's your favorite OPI color?

  1. Right now I am loving Black Onyx. I am wearing it on my toes and my fingernails. What's your favorite????
  2. I'm torn between I'm Not Really A Waitress and Lincoln Park At Midnight.
  3. I think my favorite is Lincoln Park After Dark... I've also been sort of hooked on Romeo and Joliet - but I'm thinking these colors are too dark for Spring, no? I have black onyx too, which I love - but I feel like the dark thing will be over-done for Spring. Oppinions?
  4. I'm wearing Lincoln Park After Dark right now, I think it's more of a fall/winter color though. Does OPI have anything similar to Essie's Wicked?
  5. There are so many colors that I have and love, but my signature color for my fingernails is Hawaiian Orchid. It is a very pretty light pink with a bit of shimmer.
  6. Chick Flick Cherry, a beautiful red without the shimmer :drool:
  7. For my feet: last year's "You Rock-Apulco Red", "My Chihuhua Bites" and "Dutch Tulips" (still waiting to try the new colors :yes: ) and for my hands "Passion"
  8. Dark is still in, but it's dark purple and blue right now for at night. Red is still hot for all day, but pinks and white are coming in for summer.
  9. I just got a pedicure and I got Koalaberry on my toesies!!
  10. I also ADORE Hawaiian Orchid for spring! But my favore color is Lincolm Park After Dark. But I feel it's too dark for spring and summer!
  11. I'm not really a waistress is my favourite

    a bright metallic red
  12. I love I'm Not Really a Waitress too. It's very classic, not trying-too-hard-red, KWIM?

    I prefer Essie's colors for spring, though.
  13. I just put on OPI red - it's very candy apple red - POP! :love:
  14. I don't have a favorite per se, but I do tend to use OPI's La Paz-itively Hot for my pedicures quite often. It's what I have on now.:yes:
  15. All Rose lead to Rome and Pompeii Purple , and Kinki in Helsinki