What's your favorite nail polish color?

  1. My absolute fav nail polish color...is a pale pink...I love the natural sheer look...but I feel like being bold and buy a bottle of cherry red nail polish? Any other ideas on colors? I buy my polishes at the drug store, how about you ladies?? :love:
  2. I have EVERY color of the rainbow {not really, I'm not a blue, black, purple nail polish kinda girl ;)}
    but I really only use a sheer pink.
  3. when I was in high school I was really into black, blue, purple, green, glitter...haha...not anymore!!!
  4. I've got tons of different colors. My fav has to be a anything that is bronze/brown. I also have an orangey/red color that I love. I only ever paint my toe nails, so I still do blue sometimes and a few other fun colors.
  5. Right now i like Hawaiian orchid , which is lt pink
  6. Essie’s Nude Beach
  7. I love the pearl color.
  8. i love BRIGHT pink. the one i'm using right now is OPI and i think it's called 'it's greek to me' or something like that.
  9. OPI's Italian Love Affair. It's a very pale pink
  10. black, dark purple or bordeaux. for everyday just a transparent one. I'm not for the half.
  11. At the moment my favourite is = Revlon Strawberry Electric! I only paint my toes!!! Can't have nail polish on my fingers due to my work! :sad:
  12. Boy there are so many !!!

    For Winter, I like Vixen (maroon )
    Summer, I like Pearl, French manicure or Flesh colour
    Spring, I like Soft Yellow
    Fall, Soft Toffee
  13. love ANY shade of pink....
  14. i love beiges, pale pinks, champagne, and a dark burgandy but only really use it during fall/winter.
  15. I really like pinks, bieges, blacks, and whites. I think I've done my nails every color but green, though. :sick: I usually love to get a french manicure. That's my favorite. :love: