What's your favorite Multicolore bag that can fit on your shoulder?


Sep 9, 2006
Hey ladies,

I've got my eye on the Multicolore speedy 30... but I know that Speedies are not practical for me because I really prefer a shoulder bag to one that has to be carried in my hand. SO I'm thinking about the Boulogne, Eliza, Lodge PM or Petite Noe instead... any votes or other ideas? :flowers:
I have the Lodge PM in black (see my avatar).....it is a great shoulder bag. It doesn't slip off because it has only one strap...whereas on my 2-strap bags I find that the one strap is always falling off.
It is a smaller bag...I have no problem fitting in: compact zip wallet, chapstick, bulky cell phone, a pack of cigarettes, lighter, and a cles.