What's your favorite mono bag?

  1. I know most people are going to say speedy :lol:. I love speedy too but I'm itching for a new mono bag and I love so many :drool: .....can't decide.
  2. Speedy 25 but my Recital is a close second. I love them both. :smile:
  3. i love my Manhattan PM, Klara and Popincourt Haut :love:
  4. Going with a classic, speedy 25, however I also want a batignolles horizontal. I want both, haha. :P
  5. I have several favorites in the mono line, but as of right now I love the Manhattam GM and the Hudson GM. :yahoo:
  6. MY Mono Stephen bag
  7. you got it. speedy! :smile:

    i like Manhattan PM next.
  8. Popincourt Haut and the Papillon is growing on me.
  9. manhattan PM and the papillon 30
  10. I would have to say the Manhattan PM. It's classy and chic. :smile:
  11. Mizi:love:
  12. wow it sure is a big hit. Manhattan PM. God it's beautiful
  13. Speedy 30...followed closely by the batignolles line...I love all of them!
  14. Manhattan PM and/or GM! Second is Papillon 30
  15. BH:yes: