What's your favorite midtone neutral?


J'adore Hermes
Dec 16, 2006
Thanks everyone :flowers:, I'm having to save up my pennies all over again so it's been good for me to see my lovely bags and hear your comments and count my blessings during this current barren period :tumbleweed: I sometimes contemplate stopping my collection at this point: I'm happy to carry the same bag most of the time and rotating these four plus my Mulberry and pliages seems to fill all my bag needs. Not sure if I should buy any more unless I think about letting one go. I have a gris tourterelle Massai too to complete my set of neutrals -poor thing hardly gets used now - first on the block perhaps, lol.

No doubt these words will come back to haunt me as I fall in love with another bag, colour or leather, lol


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I am mostly a color gal, but did purchase an etoupe bolide (31) in chevre and am totally in love with it!! It just blends and works so well with everything --