What's your favorite midtone neutral?

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  1. Trying to decide on color for 37 Bolide. I think I've decided against gold (though if I saw one in the shop in just the right leather, I'd probably change my mind right quick). I've narrowed things down to sable, tabac camel or biscuit.

    I haven't seen nearly enough photos of bag in these colors. Anyone have experience with these? In which leathers? What do you love about them?

  2. Well, my first thought for midtone were not these shades...lol

    I am going to think on this a minute.
  3. ok...I am thinking sable in fjord right about now.

    (Fjord is also lovely in a bolide)
  4. I forgot to mention -- I'm envisioning a very slouchy, mou Bolide. I love fjord, but not for this particular bag.
  5. Which colors would you suggest, Kellybag?
  6. You did not mention Etoupe neither Tourterelle ? Too grayish ?

    I think it would be very important that the color really works well with your hair...KWIM?

    I have mistaken once with an ostrich Kelly that happens to be too warm colored compared to my hair... the bag is stunning by itself , but I hardly use it because it kind of "kills" my hair...

    The colors you have mentionned are all really beautiful... Pick the one that works best with you hair....

    As for leathers.... Biscuit is fabulous in Swift Leather....Tabac Camel in Clemence, Sable in Clemence as well as Fjord....They all three are beautiful colors.
  7. Etoupe!
  8. TOTALLY!!! Etoupe it's perfect!
  9. i vote for etoupe!
  10. another vote for etoupe
  11. I'm not considering etoupe for this bag, though I looooove the color. I'm hoping for a Picotin in etoupe at some point.

    Good point about hair color, perlerare. That makes good sense.
  12. My favourite mid-tone neutral is biscuit - my new Birkin in swift leather :love: It's a bit like gold, but paler and with the orange taken out.

    Here's most of my neutral family, from left to right, noisette vache liegee, gold clemence, gold vache liegee, biscuit clemence:


    Etoupe is a great neutral too, I'm hoping it will be the colour of my next bag. Here it is in a wallet (chevre) against biscuit (photographed outside in sunlight):


    The other thing to maybe consider in a Bolide is contrast stitching - I think you get it with gold and etoupe, not with biscuit or noisette or gris tourterelle. It's personal preference, the shape of a Boldie really lends itself to contrast stitching and also to contrast sealed leather edges. Gris tourterelle might be too light for you but it looks amazing with its dark leather edges - really traces the pattern in a Bolide.
    hfamily2.jpg biscuitetoupe.jpg
  13. ETOUPE!! ETOUPE!! (jumping up and down waving wildly)I have a 37 Bolide (and another on the way!) in gris tourtorelle clemence and it is absolutely huggable! If I could have gotten etoupe, I def would have.
  14. I love the idea of an etoupe bag, but I need to find one that has enough zip to look good on me. So far no luck :sad:
  15. Oh, I was hoping allaboutnice, the reigning queen of neutrals, would respond! Your collection is soooo lovely! Really beautiful. Thanks for the advice re contrast stitching and sealed edges. There isn't much to the Bolide except for the shape, so I agree that some contrast gives the bag some visual interest.