What's your favorite MC?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, which one do you think is the classical and favorite one even after you had for a long time? :tup:
  2. Speedy!!! nothing quite takes the place of an MC Speedy even with all the new styles that came out.
  3. hmmm......

    I love Trouville, then the Pochette, the the Wapity
  4. Speedy! 2nd fave is Alma, 3rd pochette, 4th heart coin purse.
  5. Speedy most def.
  6. I have to say Audra since I just got her but will also give a HEY to Speedy and Trouville.
  7. i can't pick between my black speedy or white trouville.
  8. Keepall and Coeur
  9. The MC speedy is my favorite. I bought the Alma over the speedy though, because I prefer structured bags and I liked the rivets on the bag.
  10. MC keepall ~! but probably it is not very practical for travelling.. as it is quite heavy with the hardware :yes:

    but still i am in love with it
  11. Keepall, I think its absoutely perfect for traveling and not heavy @ all, its soooo flashy and I love the stares I get with my black one :smile:
  12. White MC Speedy :nuts: Even though still on my wish list :crybaby:White MC Petit Noe comes second :P
  13. I don't own any MC pieces anymore... but my fave WAS my MC Classic iPod Case. My soon to be fave MC piece will be the MC Widescreen iPod Case. :biggrin:
  14. Right now I'm trying to decide which MC I want. I thought I wanted the Marilyn but now I'm thinking about speedy even though I've never been that into speedys. I guess I"ll have to see in person which I like better. So my answer is I am undecided!
  15. I think I'm going to get speedy then. Now I just need to decide on the color. Black or white speedy.:P