What's your favorite magazine?

  1. What do you like to read or flip through the most?
    When i was in college my favorite magazine was "W"... then i switched to "InStyle"... and now i haven't had a subscription for a while... but i really want to get something again... ;)

    any suggestions?
    What's your favorite magazine? what is it about? and why?
  2. I don't really stick to one particular magazine. I buy magazines according to who's on the cover. If there is a celeb or model that I really like on the cover, I get it. The only subscription I have right now is to Cat Fancy.:love: But a magazine that I do enjoy is Elle because it updates you on the latest looks and styles, and there are usually great articles.:yes:
  3. I really like InStyle and LUCKY a lot...Vogue is hit or miss, and Bazaar is usually good (especially the seasonal issues with all the new stuff!). SHOP,Etc. is also great.
  4. My favorite's that I subscribe to are InStyle, Glamour and Martha Stewarts Living. There more my speed than Vogue and such. I look forward to reading them each month.
  5. In Style (fashion)
    Paper Art (creative)
  6. Star
    US Weekly
  7. I subscribe to: Allure, Harper's, Shop ETC, Martha Stewart Every Day Food, Saveur. Through work I get: Jane, Spin, and Vice.

    I have a pending subscription to Real Simple. DO NOT get your magazine subscriptions from Halfpricedmags.com!!!! I tried to get my Real Simple subscription through that website back in FEBRUARY and I still haven't received my first issue. They keep telling me the publisher has a problem processing the orders they send. I filed a BBB complaint against them.
  8. i love browsing through Lucky & TeenVogue.. also, US Weekly! :P
  9. Glamour, Vogue and Bazaar. I've subscribed to each for over 15 years!!

    I also love Marie Claire.
  10. cosmopolitan [hey, im young]
  11. Instyle, Lucky, Shop, Etc., Allure -- occassionally I also buys Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, esp. when they have issues about latest bags/shoes :smile:
  12. Instyle, Lucky, Shop, Etc., Allure -- occassionally I also buys Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, esp. when they have issues about latest bags/shoes :smile:
  13. I love magazines and subscribe to many of them. If I could only have one though it would be Marie Claire. It has all the fashion and beauty articles that I love but it also has fantastic articles about politics, world events and other important issues. It is a great magazine.
  14. I love Instyle, when it came into the market it was very different.
    One of the first Mags my mother turned me on to was Vogue, I love the articles.

    But now I have been reading Harpers Bazzar a lot, I think it offers great style showcase for every age.
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