Whats your favorite LV ad?

  1. Just pick one picture.

    For me, its the picture of Giselle with the Fuchsia baggy pm. That picture was part of the reason I got my first LV, and then got into the rest of brand.
  2. i think it would be the christina ricci one ;)
  3. pochette accesoires.jpg
  4. :yes:
  5. I love Chloé Sevigny and Christina Ricci's ads..they are both gorgeous!
  6. 2002 Conte de Fees ad campaign. especially this one:

  7. Oh yeah Duckie that one was beautiful!
  8. Christina Ricci wearing those gorgeous Red Satin Pleated Pumps!!!!

    God I want a pair. too late now :sad:

    I'm not a shoe person but I would pay anything for a pair.

    I like the Uma Thurman ad where she is draped all over the Manhattan PM. That ad is what got me to like LV
  9. I LOVE this one (it's def. in my top five favorite LV ads!!!):
  10. My favorite, too!
  11. The Hayden Christensen ad. :love:
  12. OMG my favourite ad ever ! :love:
  13. Omg I love those!
  14. These are my two faves!
    adv_3159.JPG adv_3478.JPG