What's Your Favorite Love Me Color/Leather?

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  1. Hi! I was wondering what everyone's fave color/leather combo was for the Love Me bags...either the Love Me, Love Me Midi, or Love Me Mini. What do you ladies feel is the color that best shows off this particular bag style?? Can't wait to hear your opinions!
  2. Hey Llclark! I personally love the dark grey matte or black crash. The LM rocks period!!!
  3. fuschia or purple
  4. Plum Crash or Wine Glossy
  5. Well I only own black crash and petrol and they are both my favorites! The black crash with silver hw for it's edgy cool look and the petrol for it's amazing color.
    I'm ordering the pewter in the bespoke order and, I'm then I'm sure I won't be able to choose.

    To be honest, the style is so great, that I think ANY color or type of leather will do it justice! The bag style is that good.
  6. I own a full-size LM in dark grey matte with silver HW and it's AMAZING. I also have a full-size Wine with silver HW (gorgeous), and have one coming in pewter crash. Truly, I think it's one of the BEST styles and works well with every leather, (except ones that you're not partial to.)
  7. Oh and Jenny -- thank you for suggesting I join the pewter bespoke ;)

    what size LM are you getting for the pewter?
  8. I own a dark grey matte LM and LM midi and it is my favorite color. The pewter, petrol, choco matte and purple glossy are also amazing in this style.
  9. Right now I only have a LM Midi in matte chocolate that I just received yesterday! It's my favorite of all 3 BE bags that I currently own. I have an aubergine LM on the way that I can hardly wait to see!
  10. The only Love Me that I currently have in my greedy little hands is the Love Me Midi in matte dark grey with silver hardware. So, I am partial to that one!! However, I would love to own this bag in every color combination possible. I don't think that you can go wrong with this bag in any color and I find it to be amazingly versatile.
  11. My favorites in order

    1: Dark Grey Matte
    2: Petrol
    3: Pewter Crash
  12. My faves....

    1. Dark Grey Matte
    2. Pewter
    3. Black Crash
  13. Contesssa, my sweet, what about your pewter LM? I thought you two were never separate...
  14. Thanks, finz!! I'm getting the full-size from a kind tPFer, but am worried it'll be too big, so I may end up joining the bespoke for a midi Pewter LM.