What's Your Favorite Limited Edition Ever? Did you get it?

  1. I wandered over from the Hermes forum with a burning question: what os your favorite limited edition bag? were you able to get your hands on it? I have 2 limited editions: a Graffiti Speedy with silver lettering..I had the vache replaced with all new leather...and a patchwork Speedy in gris. Of the 2, I think I prefer the graffiti Speedy.
  2. One of my fav's is/was the CB Brown papillon that I sold and miss still to this day :sad: I guess my favorite is my leonor and theda. This is a fun thread!
  3. I think my favorite L.E. bag would have to be the Denim Patchwork Bowly in Gris. OMG when I went to Boston to try it on... I was SO in love. Now that's a BAG! LOL... I just can't justify spending $2,550 on a bag that I would be scared to carry often lol...
  4. Either the Vienna Mizi in Aubergine or the Red/Creme Cherry Blossom Papillon and Pochette. And nope, I don't have any of them. :sad:
  5. Mens: Mono Christopher and Silver Miroir Keepall. (Nope. Did not get them)

    Womens: Miroir Speedies/Pochette (Yes I have this) & Alma and Leopard Stephen & Adele (Nope. Did not get them).
  6. ^Lol I forgot about the Miroir line. I loved the Speedies and did get those and the gold Pochette.
  7. I had the graffiti speedy in khaki and loved it, but sold it. I wanted to move on with some new bags....I now love my patchwork speedy in blue and my mirage speedy in noir. I know I won't be selling these!!
  8. I'm not familiar enough with LV to know of more than a few LEs, only one of which I've even seen in real life. I bought it, a Gracie in brown velour. It's truly the most beautiful bag I've ever seen; it reminds me of something you'd inherit from a well off old auntie who passed away aged 95 leaving an apartment full of fabulous antiques and things she collected back in the 1930s. It just has that old world look ... I love it. :love:
  9. Definitely PINK/PINK Cherry Blossom!
  10. the only limited edition piece i really hunted for was the Embossed Polly, and i finally managed to get it after a few months. the others weren't so difficult, like the Monogram and Damier Sophies, and the Riveting bag

    i'm currently looking for the Sac Retros Red/Creme Cherry Blossom and Murakami Eye Love You, but haven't really been searching that diligently
  11. I really like the Cherry Blossom red/creme papillon and CB pink/pink retro ... I wasn't able to get either, but have the red/creme cb pochette.
  12. I wanted the Corsaire really badly, but passed on it when the phone call came, b/c it would come to $4500-5000CND taxes in. I just couldn't do it. But I'm still in love with it.
  13. Mine is the Pomme Flat Vernis Envelope Plate. I haven't really started buying LEs so maybe I should wait another year until I can give a better answer! :lol:
  14. Cerises Speedy and Cerises Pochette! They were (and still are) worth every penny brand new, straight from the wait list!!
  15. Mizi Vienna...sadly, I don't have it.