What's your favorite/least favorite Chanel bag?

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  1. What are your favorite and least favorite Chanel bags and why?

    I always love to read everyone's thoughts on these sort of things ...

    For me, I really like the classic bags, specifically the medium and large (jumbo) flaps in lambskin and caviar. I have three jumbos (brown and black lambs and a black caviar) and one medium (brown lamb) and I get happy every time I look at them. I once had a caviar tote (vintage), but it was nothing like the classic bag for me. The classic bag just fits under the arm SO right, as if it were designed exactly for my body. :smile: There's just no awkwardness to them, IMO anyway.

    The worst-looking Chanel bags to me are the Cambon line. I think with the exception of the completely black ones that they look sort of cheap. I'm sorry for those of you who have them and I don't mean offense, but they are so often faked that I think it's ruined the allure of that line. Every time I see some 12-year-old at the mall with the faux pink-and-black tote under her arm, I want to barf or randomly punch someone in the ear. It's not that the bags are ugly, I just never really "felt" them. They don't look like something to keep in the wardrobe for the rest of your life. Feel free to argue this. I'm open to all opinions. :smile:
  2. well my faves are the classic flaps. ill be 80 and still carrying it. My least fave is this bubble gum pink nylon tote that i have. The handles on it are really cheap and it was overpriced. It was a total impulse buy and i regret it. I was in a pink phase and now im over it. How ever my pst in the pink is really cute still. I think that pink is a more classy pink.
  3. my least favorite is the see-through plastic flap bags. i dont like people seeing what is inside my purse. not sure about my favorite but i really like the luxury line and anything tweed or limited so that i dont see it everywhere
  4. My current fave is the Ultimate Soft, but I love classic flaps too. I don't really like the Coco Cabas.
  5. The answer to this questions changes with time.

    Right now, my favorite bag that I own is my Baby Cabas in black. Lightweight, easy to carry on the shoulder or arm, holds everything with tons of room to spare. I also love all my flaps (classic with caviar, Le marias, and hybrid ones).

    Least favorite are the vinyl ones, I like they way they look, but would only buy them in leather.

    The Cambon style is what got me interested in Chanel, my first one was a black with white CC medium tote, and I have owned many others (some I sold, others I still have). I also see many fakes, but the fakes always look fake, they look nothing like the real thing. I think the cambon line is fun and modern looking. I don't care if there are fakes, there are fakes of everything. There are a lot of fake flaps out there too, but that doesn't turn me off the flaps.

    We all like different things, so if anyone does not like the Cambon line, that's ok with me, viva la difference!
  6. The Cambon line is kind of mod, isn't it? If you look at it that way, I guess it doesn't seem that bad. :smile: I really think I just hate those fakes. Out where I am in Connecticut (despite being the richest state in the country after Hawaii) there are more fakes than real bags. In fact, I am the only one I know with genuine Chanel and LV bags.

    People out here love the fakes, and even have parties where they buy and trade fake bags together. They're called "purse parties" —*I guess it's the new Tupperware? God, I hate fakes.
  7. I'm in NJ, and they have those horrid fake purse parties here too. I even got invited to one once, of course I didn't go.

    I'm not far from NYC, so we have our fair share of celebs out here, so theres plenty of money in this area and many have real bags, but I see fakes just as often. It's funny, because the people who carry real just seem to carry their bag, but the people who carry fakes seem to try and show theirs off, I guess they think people can't tell the difference. It always makes me laugh!
  8. Favorite: classic flaps and reissues. They are just so timeless and effortlessly chic. I just love them and the history. At least for me, this is the epitome of a "true classic."

    Least: Those plastic see through bags. I just think they are rather tacky and weren't really "Chanel". I'm also not much of a fan of the Cambons just because I think they are very young. That is really more of a "nms" thing than simply not liking it though.
  9. My favorite would be the classic flaps in caviar. I love timeless bags ... my least favorite would be the ones that are dated but can't think of anything specific ... since I don't own them anyway:shrugs:
  10. Eww, I've been invited to "purse parties"-haven't gone-maybe I should next time just for laughs (bringing my real bag of course). Being new to Chanel-my fav is the Classic flap (which I just got-Yea!) my least fav is the Cambon because I see fakes EVERYWHERE around here in Central NJ. The worst thing is, the people carrying these fakes are dressed soooooooo shabbily-not "shabby chic", just sloppy. The typical girl I see with a fake Cambon looks between 18-22, hair pulled back in an uninspiring ponytail, wearing dingy sweats, no makeup or bad makeup. The cambon is usually just as dingy as the girl. So even before I was into Chanel, I realized they were fakes and did not like how they were being worn-really left a bad taste in my mouth and I will always associate them like this! Sorry if I sound snobby, but you should put some effort in how you look before you go out.
  11. I love classic flaps and reissues. I can't say that there are any Chanel bags I wouldn't carry. I absolustely hate fakes too!
  12. Okay- this thread makes me embarassed to carry my cambon- seems here that no one likes them. It is a shame that there are all these fakes- means that people with the real ones may be mistaken for carrying fakes. I know it is just u ladies opnions- but it upsets me :crybaby:
  13. Don't be upset, so long as YOU like them, that is what matters as you are the one who has to carry them. I know that there are people who think that my flaps look like "old lady" bags and they are totally entitled to think that. I don't feel that way and that is what matters.
  14. I have 2 favorites - classic flaps and the coco cabas. The flaps of course are timeless and at $2-3K a piece I want something that I can get some mileage out of.

    Least favorite is the cambon line also. I've never been to keen on the style - I think the cotton club has a similar look but it is so much better!
  15. What a difficult choice. I thought about this for a while and can't pick just one for each category, but I've at least narrowed it down a bit.

    Fav's: Classic flaps, vintage ligne, cloudy bundle ligne, marais ligne and lux ligne.

    Not so fav's: clear bags, reissues (love the colors don't like the closure), the drill tote, perforated anything, and anything with tassles. I'm also not huge on resin chains.