What's your favorite Law & Order franchise?

  1. Anyone else here into the various Law & Order shows? Right now, my absolute favorite is L&O Criminal Intent with Vincent D'Onofrio. I love the character of Bobby Goren and all his quirks, and I also love Eames's one-liners. I'm still getting used to the episodes switching betwen them and the Logan/Barek pair. I'm glad they brought back Mike Logan. And it's awesome that they wrote a hot nemesis played by Olivia D'Abo for Bobby.

    I haven't watched the original L&O in a long, long time. I really liked the early seasons, though. And I occasionally watch L&O SVU on cable. But on Sunday nights, I always without fail watch the back-to-back episodes of CI they show on Bravo.

    It's funny that L&O shows have pretty much exhausted the available stable of character actors and they recycle actors playing different characters. It's also great when I see my favorite comedians playing bit parts or do serious acting as the criminals.
  2. I love Law & Order CI and SVU. I used to watch the original religiously, but I kinda stopped when Jerry Orboch left the show.
  3. I love Vincent..he is sooo hot i think!!
  4. I love all the series, but I think I agree that the CI is the best. My least favorite is Trial by Jury, I just couldn't really get into it.
  5. I prefer Law and Order: SVU. Goren in Criminal Intent seemed to know "everything" and it just kind of takes away the fun ... Eames' one-liner annoys me and sometimes I wonder what she's doing in the show aside from hacking computers (even then she often needs Goren's help in password suggestions). Seriously, just once I would love to see someone outsmart Goren.

    I like the story behind Law and Order: SVU more, I care more about the characters in that series, not to mention it seemed a bit more plausible.
  6. Actually Goren does have a nemesis...the British/Australian woman who keeps turning up in the show. I can't recall her name right now, but she is really annoying (and she looks like Roseanna Arquette). I love CI and SVU equally. Hubby and I watch them almost daily...and usually several in a row if possible!
  7. ^ Nicole Wallace if I'm not mistaken. She bugs me too
  8. The original L&O and SVU are my favorite. I don't like CI, the main character bugs me.
  9. YES! That's her! :nuts:
  10. SVU is easily my favorite. I like the varied format and also think the characters Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler make the show great.

    I love and still watch the original L&O every week, and think that the lineup of Brisco/Curtis(Benjamin Bratt) with DA Adam Schiff and ADAs McCoy/Jamie Ross(?? blanking on her name but Mrs.Richard Gere) was the best.
    Feel like i can't keep up with the changes tho, for next season they have a new female partner for Greene and a new female sidekick for McCoy. The last ones both seemed forgettable.

    Criminal Intent... i really haven't watched much but the last 10 minutes are always the same with Goran making his big speech and the guilty party opening their trap and admitting their guilt. That annoys me a bit.
  11. I like Criminal Intent!
  12. Svu
  13. SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT!!!! Olivia Benson ( Mariska Hargitay) is my favorite person on the show!!!,also richard belzer & Ice T& Diane Neal! ...Law & Order: SVU is my other obession :love:
  14. I Like Them All. CI Is My Favorite.......I've Been Watched Trial By Jury On DVD. It's Good.
  15. Same here... I just can't stand Vincent D'Onofrio. I probably watch SVU more than the original now though.