What's your favorite Kitchenaid Mixer color??

  1. I'm just curious to see what colors some other ladies love!

    I am dying for a Grape Mixer myself, but my boyfriend wont allow purple in his kitchen :crybaby:... but I'll win that battle in the end... hopefully.. any tips?

    So here's the question, What's your favorite color mixer!? and/or What color did you end up with?
  2. I see that the Grape isn't on the KitchenAid website anymore. Hopefully you can still find it elsewhere.

    I've been wanting either the Ice Blue or the Pink "Cook for the Cure" mixer. My boyfriends buying me one ASAP but I can't decide what color. Both are really pretty 50's colors which I think is why I like them.

  3. I like the red ones.
  4. My mom has the black one because she changes the kitchen all the time and wanted it to at least coordinate with the rest of the tile and paint and stuff.

    Personally, I like the 1950s style pastel colours.
  5. I am collecting everything in Empire Red. :smile:
  6. i love the red one
  7. I would love the lime green one. Grape is nice too.

    I just have the boring white one though!
  8. The Cook for the Cure is the mixer my mom likes, Lime is awesome!! and Red is amazingly Classic, all great colors

    I love the grape and I'm sooo sad its not available on the Kitchenaid site anymore, I'm keeping my eyes out for one elsewhere on the internet!
  9. I LOVE Pistachio, but I'm afraid it will blend a bit too well with my kitchen, which is done all in cool tones like pale grey, pale ice blue, pale sage green. My friends keep telling me to get Tangerine (which I do like, it has a fun retro feel to it) to give my kitchen a warm pop...I may go with that.
  10. mine is in red, I got mine from my MIL, it was hers and she gave it to me because she is moving into an apartment and she won't have room for it. She got it about 2 years ago and only used it once.
  11. I love pink and red, but when I bought mine, they didn't have those colors. So I wound up with plain white. It's 10+ years old now.
  12. QVC.com had all kinds of colors mabe even purple
  13. I like the pink one ... but now want the purple one, I need to find that!
  14. If you got a purple mixer you would have to take pictures of your purple collection with it!
  15. Minebis white