What's your favorite Inclusion color???


What's your favorite Inclusion color?

  1. Beige

  2. White

  3. Black

  4. Framboise

  5. Pomme

  6. Other

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  1. Just wondering...what's everyone's favorite Inclusion color??? I only listed 5 colors. I'm sure there are others. Let me know which ones I didn't mention! Please vote!

    I voted Pomme because that's the one I recently got!

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. The other colors were the very first ones, yellow and rose (pale pink).
    I love the Pomme, and it was the first color I wanted the whole set of. I used to just get the Speedy keyrings and I also had the framboise ring..but the Pomme "inspired" me to get the framboise bracelet as well.
    The yellow is seen on the back left of the picture...my little collection isn't as fab as Elle's, of course but I LOVE the Inclusions and am trying to build up my collection.
  3. Oh my god, Rebecca that is such a beautiful shot!!! WOW-zee!!!

    BTW, I voted for Framboise I think it stands out the best out of all of them. Here's my cuties...
  4. black, beige, white and framboise..
  5. I love the framboise! I really want an inclusion bracelet, but I just can't get myself to spend that money on a resin bracelet! But they're soooo cute.
  6. Rose! It's soo pretty, but I wasn't aware of Inclusion line when that color launched :crybaby:
  7. Rebecca, GORGEOUS collection!!!! To be honest, you were the one that inspired me to get my first Inclusion piece!!!! As I already mentioned above, I got a Pomme Speedy keychain, which is a PERFECT match to the lining of Damier Speedy! I haven't even thought of that until the SA made a comment about it!
  8. That's what I thought, too, before I bought my first Inclusion piece!!!! I didn't want a bag (well, let me rephrase that...I couldn't afford another bag), so I gave in and got an accessory for my lovely Damier Speedy! Yes, it's tiny and overpriced (my HONEST opinion!) but it's also SOOOO cute and gives my bags so much personality!
  9. Aww well I'm glad!! Inclusions are so fun, I love them and love using the keychains on my bags.
    Congrats on your Speedy keyring as well!!
  10. Same thing for me! But what makes it better is that they aren't just rhinestones in there; they're Strauss crystals which are the highest quality. My mom has a chandelier made from those crystals and they're SO gorgeous in the light.
  11. I love Yellow GM the best!
  12. Pomme is my favorite!
  13. Framboise!
  14. I love the Framboise inclusion pieces!
  15. Transparent!!!!! Looks good with anything!!!!!:p