What's Your Favorite Hot Alcoholic Beverage?

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  1. My Dad makes a mean "Hot Apple Pie" with mulled cider and Tuaca. He makes it every year at their Christmas party. The mulling spices soak in the cider in a crockpot all day long and then the Tuaca is added along with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top.

    What's your favorite hot toddy???
  2. Mulled wine for sure! And since it's made from grapes, it's gotta be good for you...right?! lol...
  3. ^ Oooo...me too!
  4. Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps! Topped with whipped cream....Yummy! Followed closely by homemade Baileys in coffee!
  5. I love hot tea with peach Schnapps.
  6. warm sake or coffee with baileys
  7. I'm so boring.........I love malibu rum with pineapple juice
  8. ^^^^ hot?
  9. I don't generally like hot alcoholic beverages....except for sake.
  10. Hot grappa with honey.
  11. berry punch
  12. What is grappa???
  13. A must after a day of skiing....sitting in the lodge, fireplace crackling, sipping Hot Buttered Rum.
  14. Definitely hot buttered rum!