What's your favorite Hermes leathers and why?

  1. I just wanted to start this week off with something lighthearted. You may think I'm crazy, but I can tell a little bit about a person by their choice of leathers.

    I'll start: box, Barenia, vache natural, peau porc, and porosus.
    Why?: They all develop a patina with time and are considered classic leathers by Hermes.
    What does that say about me?: I like the classics and am patient as each of these leathers takes time to develop their rich mirror-like patina. I'm also not afraid of the scratches because I've learned that this is part of the aging process with these leathers. I also have a yearning for things past. I chose these leathers because I've seen them on vintage items and they just grew gorgeous over the years.
  2. I don't want to copy you HG, but I have pretty much the same preferences and for the same reasons:

    First above all else: BOX, because of the patina it develops with time, it's a "living" leather, it changes all the time, I don't worry about scratches and wear in general because it all contributes to it's ever growing beauty...

    Barénia: for the exact above reasons

    Croc Porosus: It's THE classic Hermès croc, and lasts a life time..

    Croc Niloticus: I love matte croc, and I prefer it in Niloticus

    Clemence: Is my favourite textured leather, for it's softness and buttery feel.....
  3. So, Duna, I bet you love antiques and anything with a history behind it.
  4. ok in this order

    -porosus the best croc skin out there looove the depth and 3 D like chameleon effect it has on some colours
    -ostrich- lightweight sooo sturdy lasts forever beautiful patina and the bumps show mother nature each bag is different and yes it is so unusual to see good ostrich leathers and hermes skins are jsut immaculate
    -lizard: well it IS hermès they always used it and always will i love the effect of sparkling diamonds in the sun
    -box - just quintessentially hermès ans i loove the scratches etc they tell a story
    -chevre . lightweight has a mystic glow and again shows mother nature (the soine)
    -clemence(sooo buttery soft )
    -togo (takes some colours just wonderfully)
    -epsom love it for its factor of attracting no dirt can be easily cleaned and due to the fact some colours appear paler on it i love it also white is as crisp as it gets on epsom

    so what does this tell bout me
  5. Porosus at the top of your list says you love the finer things in life.
  6. You bet....That's probably the reason why I tend to leave new things in my closet for a long time before I get around to using them, I don't like the look of new things...In fact, sometimes I even get my DD to "brake them in" for me...!!:yes: Mind you, it doesn't happen with my H bags though!
  7. I feel as if I'm getting my palm read! :P

    Okay, all-time favorites:

    Chevre de Coromandel-elegant, light-weight, functional, different. I prefer it over Mysore due to the larger-scale grain and more pronounced spine.
    Togo-durable, pratical, low-maintainance, don't have to think about it
    Croco Niloticus--I know it's not as desirable as Porosus, but I do like the larger scales and the relative evenness compared to the Porosus I've seen.

    Alright, what's my analysis HG? :Push:
  8. Fabulous thread, HG!


    BOX: Love the patina, I don't worry about the marks and scratches as it just adds to the beauty,
    CHAMONIX: Same as the above only I love the matte (same reason why I love brushed gold and silver!)
    POROSUS: well.....LOVE my vintage Croc!
    BARENIA: Love the smell and the soft hand and the way it just gets such a glorious patina.
    CHEVRE de COROMANDEL: other than the sheen and lightness, I love the "maleability" of this leather and the fact that it'll hold its shape while still giving a little smidge of "sqwoosh".

    In fact....I think I might just stick with these leathers from now on!
  9. mmmmm, box and fjord - they both have attitude to me.
  10. You're practical, no nonsense. Do you have kids?
  11. Oh...you're GOOD, HG. (Wagging my finger at you a la DeNiro in Analyze This)
  12. My favorites are Togo because it doesn't scratch easily and smells divine and Box because I love the glow. There is nothing more beautiful than a vintage Black Box Kelly. (Now I don't have anything in box but I hope to one day) I have no idea what this says about me.
  13. This is true--no matter how many shoes and bags I have, I usually grab whatever's nearest the door,--this has been true of me forever, even though I buy the Jimmy Choo Stiletto boots--they wind up sitting in my closet and used twice a year. I do have one toddler--why? (trembling):sweatdrop:
  14. LOL!!!! I immediately had the visual and audio pop into my head when I read this!!:lol:
  15. It's nothing bad, but I've noticed your first two choices are leathers chosen by women who have small children. They usually choose them because they are considered, well, "kidproof".

    I hope I'm not scaring you here.