What's your favorite healthy snack???

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  1. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those people that eat because I'm bored. :sad:

    So...my favorite healthy snack is frozen green beans! I can't stand the ones that come frozen in the supermarket, so I buy pounds of fresh ones and put them in the freezer. My runner up healthy snack is frozen seedless grapes!
  2. I have pondered this question thoroughly and I have to confess that I am an unhealthy snacker. I do like frozen french fries but I doubt that's healthy.
  3. I confess that "healthy" snacks are not my favorite, but when I do eat healthy, I like fuji apple slices, grapes, dried cranberries, cherries, or carrot sticks... YUM!
  4. :busted can't think of ANY!!!
  5. Hmm yeah, it's hard, but frozen grapes are up there. Oranges, apples, and most berries are great.
    I have a savory tooth so Baked Ritz chips or baked tortilla chips/Sun Chips are good.
  6. nuts, peanuts, walnuts....
  7. Sunflower seeds - raisins - almonds (just a few) - spiced and baked chickpeas or any firm beans (then eaten with fresh lemon) - baby carrots - celery sticks.
    Also mixed seed mixes (pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and more, not sure if this is available in the west but in the middle east it's very popular and there are several mixes)

    I consider natural fruit juices as a snack (my fav. pineapple or mango)
  8. i really like stoneyfield farm low-fat vanilla yogurt. i usually eat half a cup as dessert. i also eat low-fat horizon organic cottage cheese. both have a ton of protein, and the yogurt is fortified with fiber, so they keep me full for a long time. sometimes i'll put cut-up strawberries in the yogurt.

    bananas and baby carrots are also favorites, or whole-wheat toast with a little but of spreadable goat cheese.

    i don't allow myself to buy unhealthy snacks (that way, i can't eat them!), so all my faves are pretty healthy.
  9. Kashi granola bar or Quaker Oats 25% less sugar Chocolate Chip Cereal Bar.
  10. I used to love frozen grapes. After getting fillings in my teeth, they got so much more sensitive to cold.

    After that, I like cheese flavored soy crisps. Or those sour cream and onion crispy minis.
  11. Um, do Goldfish crackers count as healthy? I like the Flavor Blasted Cheddar ones.
  12. ezekiel bread and natural peanut butter
    zone perfect bars in chocolate mint. yum.
    fat free vanilla yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, walnuts and almonds
    oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla whey protein, blueberries and walnuts
    low fat cottage cheese and fresh fruit
    natural peanut butter right out of the jar :shame:
  14. Kashi chewy granola bars
    Whole wheat cheese sandwich
    Homemade whole wheat muffin made with different purees
    All types of fresh fruit and vegetables
    Medjool dates
    Cashew, pistachio and macadamia nuts
  15. Chocolate chip Clif bar, microwaved for 20 seconds... tastes like a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie right out of the oven!