What's your favorite hair product?

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  1. Mine is Big Hair by marc daniels. On the tube it says "It makes hair fat," and that is just what it does, at least for me. Not crunchy, not greasy, not stiff. Just fat.

    Unfortunately, my Sally's doesn't carry it, which is ironic since it is there that I discovered it - they had some sample tubes for a dollar, I took a chance on one, came back, bought the rest, and asked if they would be ordering it in a regular size. They would not. I tried to persuade the manager, but she said that the markup was not enough to justify a small order, and demand not enough to justify a large one.

    I tried some more, suggesting that perhaps if more people would try it, as I had, demand would increase, but no.

    So I lucked up and found some on eBay, but I am still looking for a chain that carries it.

    edit to note that I do not mean fat as in traditional Texas Beauty Pageant style Big Hair Fat, I am 54, and my hair has lately trended toward being less abundant than it once was, so I mean fat in terms of "volume," but this product works better than any of the other various mousses etc I have used.

    Anyway, what's your favorite goo?
  2. I love the Alterna hair care line...the Hemp Repair shampoo and conditioner are great on my wavy, wiry hair. I also adore Redken's Blonde Glam line. They each have very clean scents...not too fruity.
  3. sebastian potion 9!! i've been using it on and off since i was 12. it's the most amazing leav in/styling aide EVER.
  4. I like ghd reflection spray....

    It's expensive though, $26 for 1.7 oz. (Luckily I got eight bottles of it for free!)
  5. ANYTHING from Kerastase

    Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme:smile:
  6. Bumble and bumble styling creme, sumowax, tonic hair lotion, gentle shamopoo, super rich conditioner!
  7. Queen Helene Oil Spray. It comes in carrot oil, tea tree, and original jojoba.
  8. I also forgot Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade. LOVE IT!
  9. all i know and use is biosilk hair serum.
  10. Hardware 16 Gel by Redken. I have super straight short hair and this stuff holds.
  11. Big Sexy Hairspray, Rootpump, What a Tease. And Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner, oh, and i love Biosilk!
  12. tigi bedhead and tigi after party
  13. B&B Styling Creme...ANYTHING by Kerastase!! :smile:
  14. Paul Mitchell Strength shampoo & conditioner.
    It smells like roses.

    I love that stuff so much I bought them by the gallon!!! It's gonna last me for the next 4 years or so... lol
  15. Any product by Joicio K-pak
    Works wonders on damaged or chemically treated hair