What's your favorite H in your collection-- and why?

  1. Maybe this has already been done before, but I did a search and didn't see it. I'm curious, ladies, what's your favorite bag in your collection, and why? Post pics if you can! This should be a fun thread.

    Oh and also I want to steal a second and just say how WONDERFUL this forum is! The H ladies here are so welcoming, funny, thoughtful, sweet and just generally AMAZING.... and there is such a wealth of knowledge here, and I love being a part of this amazing group. You ladies are incredible :heart: I don't even have the right words for it! I feel like you're all my big group of girlfriends that I can hang out with, chat with, share with, and have fun with! OK, I'm done now. So show me your favorite H bag!
  2. I would say my favorite bag is a 28cm black epsom kelly w/ GH. It is a recent purchase but I just love :heart::heart::heart: it. I like the stiff epsom leather because it is more formal imo, but I have also carried it with jeans and love how it pulls my look together.
  3. Today I would say my raisin bolide!
  4. Well, since my answer has changed since I answered in the old threads, these days, it's my Rouge VIF Fjord sellier Kelly--in my avatar.
  5. Well, it's cool to see everyone's updated answers, anyway, since new purchases are happpening all the time!

    Mmmm... I love that bag, Orchids.
  6. if I were to answer this question I would be hurting the feelings of all my other bags. I love them all equally!
  7. Sarah, let's see....my Blue Thalassa Clemence Kelly.....( assuming you mean handbags??)
  8. It does change from day to day lol! Today, black kelly 32, ardenne leather. Good for every day with the shoulder strap.
  9. My favorite H bag is my Amazonia Garden Party. It can do ANYTHING! And even though it's gotten a little sad on the corners, I still love it! Plus, no one else knows it's really an H bag except me!
  10. Mine (for the summer especially) is my gold togo/GHW 35 birkin. Soon to be mine 35cm Black VL /PHW birkin will probably be the favorite in the winter....I think. It's really tough to answer this, because every time I carry one I fall in love with it all over again....
  11. Mine's not a bag and your thread name didn't say bag so technically....
    the black/pall clic clac he bought for my wedding present exchange right before walking down the aisle.
    I don't remember if I am wearing it in my wedding pics but it has the most memory of any H thing I have.
    Bag--I only have one a BJ HAC. So I guess that is my fave H bag :smile:
  12. Hi Razorbackbelle0 my favorite black box 28 gold h/w soupple:love:
  13. Well said. Couldn't agree more!!

    My favorite bag is my 35 Clemence Blue Jean Birkin...let me go find some pictures of her.
  14. MMmmmmm Blue Jean! :love: :tender: :girlsigh: