What's Your Favorite 'Fuss-Free' Coach?

  1. This topic has been on my mind some since we've had so much rain in Texas the last couple of months that I'm considering building an ark to get to the mailbox.:p

    I haven't been using my coach leather bags much b/c I worry about them getting rain spots on them, or worse yet, soaked in a storm.

    When you see clouds forming and rain coming from the sky, what Coach bag is best and why?
  2. I love my Signature Stripe tote in Crimson as well as my Legacy Signature Shoulder, they're great in rain. The water just beads up and rolls right off 'em! They don't water spot at all. FABULOUS!
  3. I have an older big black signature duffle (they haven't made it in years, I think I got it in 01), it has a leather bottom and leather trim and that dang thing is indestructable. The sig fabric is just slightly frayed at the top, but I still think it has years left. I use it as a carryon on planes a lot bc it can go crossbody
  4. and I live in Dallas where it has been raining monsoon style for the past month it seems, we're flooded all over, it rains harder than I have ever seen it rain, and I've been stuck out with my red patent ergo and it's been rained on and it's still good as new. yay for patent!
  5. ok, def my new medium chocolate brown carly. it is sooo easy to keep clean and i just LOVE her!
  6. When it's raining, I usually carry by Large Soho Tote. However, what I've started doing is keeping a plastic bag in my Legacy Bags, so if I am carrying them and it starts raining, I can just slip my bag into the plastic bag.
  7. This is a great idea! I usually carry my vintage ergo hobo or my whiskey ali, so having a bag inside makes lot of sense! Now, if I can only figure out how to explain this behavior to people around me!:p
  8. You still there, TejasMama? I thought maybe you'd been swept away by a gullywasher :p We are clinging to a large tree branch over here. I just mowed my lawn 4 days ago and it is already nearly knee high again!! (We have had an incredible amount of rain and flooding here in Texas lately)
  9. Living in Oregon we get TONS of rain and I use sig and leather bags equally! All hold up really well, but I don't have any legacy so I can't comment on the water spots. I have a black sig duffel that is indestructible though, so I think that's my suggestion. :yes:
  10. My black sig med carly. I brought her to the carnival with me last saturday night and she went on all the rides with me and she held on like a champ! I love how the sig is. I don't have to worry about rain or getting it dirty. So nice!
  11. hands down...black leather carly. otherwise i use my LV damier chelsea, but mostly the leather carly. the leather is durable, it's a shoulder so i don't have to worry about getting it wet, and even if it should, water won't seep through and it's zippered.

  12. I have a bunch of 'em, but today I'm using my metallic Chelsea satchel (courtesy of the midnight madness outlet sale!) and it's awesome in the rain b/c it's pebbled leather which just seems to take a lickin' and keep on kickin' to borrow a phrase from Timex (can you tell I'm a little loopy today? LOL!).

    I also have a Chelsea pebbled tote and a white sig/metallic gold duffle, and my pond legacy shoulder bag which seems pretty worry free in the rain!
  13. I live in Oregon too and agree, we see rain more than anything else. I have a legacy bag but it has yet to rain when I have been using her. I may use the suggestion on here though and carry a plastic bag.
  14. I have a beat up khaki swingpack I use in the rain. But it hardly rains in AZ.
  15. My black signature med. carry-all. It's my work horse for business trips and meetings for the last three years. I love her.