what's your favorite frozen drinks?

  1. I'm looking for ideas for a good frozen drink. Not the standard pina colada or margarita. Something original. So what is your favorite?
  2. Hi from L.A.!

    One of my faves, and it can be made with/without vodka, is a canteloupe slushy.

    Fill a blender with 3 cups cubed ripe canteloupe and about 2 cups ice. Whiz it until it's like a rouch-textured slurpee. Add a squeeze of key lime and a splash of vodka if you like, and it's SO refreshing.

  3. Lava flows!
  4. I don't drink alcohol so I not sure if this thread is meant for alcoholic drinks or whatnot, but my favorite frozen drink is a peach snowbubble with boba.


    Mmm sooo good! :drool:
  5. I had a frozen peach bellini yesterday. Yum!
  6. The Cheesecake Factory has the Georgia Peach. It's made with peach juice, raspberry syrup and peach liqueur.

    (It's also delicious as a virgin drink, too!)
  7. Perfect!