What's your favorite feature of an MJ bag?

  1. My collection consists of only two bags...hope to add more soon...but my favorite feature is the suede lining. No other brand comes close!
  2. I love the pushlocks. When I'm in a hurry, it is so easy to put things in the exterior pocket(s) and just push them closed. You know what I mean! Also, the rolled shoulder strap on the multi-pocket style sits so nicely in the indentation where the bra strap goes.
  3. ^ LMAO...

    I love the contrasting suede inside the bag.. even though it makes the bag heavier, it's worth the weight of the bag digging into my bra's shoulder strap.
  4. Longer/bigger zipper pull tab. I hate purses with teeny weeny zipper pulls.
  5. suede lining and front pockets
  6. I almost forgot how much I love the zippers. They have their own "feel". I'd know a MJ zipper with my eyes shut!
  7. I'm a sucker for the suede lining, and was so disappointed that my Bubblegum Stella had linen/cotton.

    The padlocks freaking rock says the woman who has two Selmas w/lobsterclaws.
  8. i love the quilted styles. they are so classy. :smile: and the gold hardware compliments any color bag.
  9. pushlocks, turnlocks, zippers :smile:
  10. suede lining and pushlocks:dothewave:
  11. I love the colors, the chunky hardware, and the chunky zipper pulls :biggrin:
  12. LOVE the suede linings:tender:

    I like having bags in different colors and MJ does a really good job of providing a variety of shades:love:

    I really like the quilted styles as well. :tup:
  13. I love the colors and the pushlocks and the pockets!
  14. pushlocks, diamond quilting and colors!
  15. i love the pushlocks. i'm really glad it's the mj signature now, and it's being used as a "logo" for the newer bags.