What's your favorite fast food joint?

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  1. Well I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Taco Bell and Burger King. So sinful, but always delicious! :amuse:
  2. Hmm...I guess mine would be In and Out and Carl's Jr. here in California. But when I visit family in N.C. I HAVE to go to Bojangles!!! Yum!
  3. is SUBWAY classed as a fast food joint??? (man i have lame answers) :shame:
  4. taco bell by far.....i love taco bell :love:
  5. I like Qdoba :P

    And the salads at Wendy's ;)

  6. 0o0o yeah, WENDYS!!!! :biggrin:
  7. For reasons unbeknownst to most of my friends, I like McDonalds. Double Cheeseburgers are my fave!
  8. I think McD's chicken nuggets are really good, but my boyfriend is addicted to Burger King, haha.
  9. haha ME TOO! i used to eat at mcdonalds and such but now i just can't...unless i get a salad
  10. have any of you seen Supersize Me - my hubby and I have not touched Fast Food since seeing that movie.

    However, we are not food puritans, and I DO still go to Dairy Queen for the occasional Blizzard, I just can't give up the ice cream.
  11. Pizza Hut - I won't eat any fast food other than the occassional pizza, so this is the only one I can go to, lol!
  12. subwayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Is subway nice? I've never been able to go in - there's one right next to the stop where I catch the bus to uni, and there's always the most awful smell coming out of it.......But it seems pretty popular - is the food actually good then? Genuinely curious here.
  14. Popeye's-unfortunately there are none up here :sad: So as an alternative I'll say Chik-fil-a
  15. i think it is better than mc donald's.
    i love the chicken teriaki!
    and the difference is that you can put whatever you want: you choose a sandwich, but then you can choose what you want for a dressing.
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