whats your favorite fall 06 color?

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  1. i REALLY want a balenciaga bag, but being indecisive that i am, i cannot decide what color.
    please help.......
  2. We'll what colors are you thinking about? I love almost all the colors but for me personally the rouge vif is it!
  3. ITA!:yes: Rouge Vif is gorgeous!:love:
  4. :love: blueberry - of course!!! :wlae:
  5. is the rouge vif better than grenat?
  6. Are you deciding between those 2 colors? I wouldn't say one is better then the other- it's a personal choice.
  7. well the rouge vif is more of a fire-engine red, very eye-catching and bright. the grenat is more of a subtle red with some brown undertones. its a bit similar to bordeaux but without any purple...it's a great neutral tone.
    are you looking for a color that 'pops' or a more muted, neutral color?
    were you looking for a particular style?
  8. personally i happen to like the grenat! But the Rouge Vif is gorgeous as well!!:yes: :yes:
  9. I just bought my first one too - had a hard time deciding, but I figured black is a great first bbag color!

    This link is great (you can see all the swatches):

    Rouge Vif is a lot brighter (true red) than the Grenat, which I personally think looks super rich - like a deep reddish burgundy color. I don't think any color is "better" - it's a matter of preference and your wardrobe color!
  10. i have been looking at the swatches. and still cannot decide between red, grenat and the blue one that they have on the website (whatever it is called). i really cannot tell which one i like the most witheout seeing it in person, thats wha i want your opinions girls.
    how many red bags do you girls have?
  11. I only have one (grenat city).
    As peanut mentions, your choice will depend on if you want to get a neutral bag to go with most of your outfits, or an attention-grabber like the rouge. Personally, I'm drawn to the neutrals since I'm pretty much of a conservative person anyway. :smile:
    If you decide against the reds, then the blue-india or the blueberry would be great choices, too.
    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the colors, though, because I love them all! :heart:
  12. I prefer the rouge vif as I'm a "red-red" kinda gal. But Cate is right, it will come down to personal preference. I think the grenat is really pretty too but in a more subdued kinda way:smile:
  13. My top 3 favs so far are Rouge VIF, Grenat and Sapin (in that order). That list of favs could change though once the Blue gey & Marron colors arrive in stores. :smile:
  14. That's a hard one. I love grenat and would pick that as my favourite.
    The rouge I haven't seen IRL yet. The greige is fantastic, too. Actually I like them all despite the sapins but that's because I'm not a green person.
  15. I love :
    1 Rouge Vif
    2 Blue India (well I guess, because I haven't seen in real yet)
    3 Truffle
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