What's your favorite Epi?

  1. So I'm thinking about the Epi line...and so far the only thing that's blown my skirt up is the Speedy. Am I just a hopeless Speedy girl? Are there Epi bags that you just love love LOVE? Extra bonus points for photos and/or single-strap shoulder bag recommendations...TIA! :wlae:
  2. Speedy or Noe:graucho::
  3. Heheheee! I knew you were gonna say that :upsidedown:

    Great photo!
  4. I like the Mandara MM :smile:
  5. I love my Soufflots...the shape is unique.
  6. I like Epi Speedy:love:
  7. The speedy is definitely my favorite shape in the Epi line!
  8. I like the Soufflot and the Almas.
  9. Jasmin for sure!
  10. lovely bags...the red one's gorgeous!
  11. I like red epi jasmin, black epi alma, and red epi soufflot.
  12. I have a red epi Speedy 25 that I love. I also love my mandarine Jasmin. If you can get your hands on one I say get it.

  13. I love the speedy in all forms, but if you are looking to try something new I really love:

    Handheld: Jasmin, Soufflot
    Single Strap: Noe (petit or regular)
    Double Strap: Passy, Bucket
  14. I LOVE the epi Jasmin in vanilla, and the myrtille speedy and alma.
  15. I can not tell you what I would do for a vanilla speedy 30...UGHHHH!!!