What's your Favorite Epi Bag? What Color?

  1. Mine's the Keepall 45 in black with silver hardware. Pic below is of Myrtille.

    Ooooh.......sorry guys! I wanted to add a poll but I took too long!
    epi keepall.jpg
  2. Mandarin Epi Speedy 25
  3. Epi Passy; red or black.

    Epi pochette; mandarine
  4. My Favorite That I Own ~ Black St. Jacques
  5. I love my epi pochette but my favorite is the Speedy in red!
  6. My favorite is the petit noe in mandarin. I have this bag.
  7. Mandarin Epi Speedy! And the Green. . .and Red :P
  8. My Mandarin Jasmin!
  9. love the passy and the speedy 25 in black
  10. I don't know the name, but I love it in black! :love:
  11. Pont Neuf in black.. and I also really like the keepall in myrtille.
  12. Mandarin Epi Speedy... yummy!
  13. St. Jacques short straps in tassilli yellow with the purple suede lining
    Nocturne in lilac.

    I also like toledo blue but don't have anything in that color.
  14. Epi Speedy 25 or 30 in mandarin :love:
  15. My yellow Alma!
    But I also LOVE the Mandarin Speedy 30 but I don't own one yet.
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