What's your favorite drink at Coffee Bean?

  1. The festive season is here! Yay! I always look forward to their seasonal Peppermint Ice Blended! I have it up to 5 times a week. That's my all-time favorite. On normal days, I usually have the Ice-Blended Mocha or Pure Chocolate.
  2. I always love their Caramel Ice Blended! it's the best ever.. :p
  3. ^ That's my favorite! Way better than Frappuchino IMO :yes:
    I'll have to try the Peppermint sometime-- it sounds delicious! :nuts:
  4. I loveee Coffee bean!! I don't get to have it as much because where I move they only have starbucks :sad:

    But regularly I like to have the White Chocolate Dream or the Pure Vanilla hot. during the holidays I drink the pumpkin latte.
  5. Yes! Please try it! I'm sure you'll love it. The first sip always feels so refreshing~ :tup:
  6. I got to try this today and it's... :tup:
  7. So few Coffee Bean lovers here...?
  8. Only 4 Coffee Bean lovers here??? C'mon! I'm sure it's more than that! :cutesy:
  9. i love coffee bean! i usually have their chai tea latte.. and of course the Caramel ice blend never fails to brighten up my day!
    and oh, while we're at that, i usually order their cheesecakes too!
  10. Oh that sounds good! I want to try it sometime!

    I would drink Coffee Bean more but they don't have any where I go to school.. They DO however, have 3 Starbucks! :biggrin: I usually get it when I go into the city to shop.
  11. I love Coffee bean I just wish they had more over here, and they dont have any in europe! I pretty much stick to a Vanilla ice blended.
  12. i can't take caffeine now but Sunrise (orange) and Malibu (berries) are great too .. especially with whipped cream :graucho: :drool:
  13. love coffeebean! i get vanilla or mocha ice blended
  14. There isn't one by me. I've never tried it. :sad:
  15. Caramel Ice Blended!