whats your favorite damier geant piece

  1. I personally like the aventurier:yahoo:
  2. the only one i really like is the one i've got - the Pionnier backpack in terre. though i wouldn't mind the smaller Conquérant in black ;)
  3. i like the Messager. it's a men's bag, but i love it :love:! i'm thinking of getting it for my boyfriend :yes:

    i also like the Conquerant 65. it's such a cute suitcase!
  4. Wow! I've never seen that one before!
  5. could i be your boyfriend too? :flowers: i'd like a Nomade Keepall please :yes:

  6. The Baseball Bag in Black Damier Geant is OMG!
  7. I like the Pioneer backpack in Black.
  8. My store had the baseball bag, it is HUGE!!! Personally I would NEVER spend $4.5k on that! It's nice and all but WOW!
  9. But I LOVE my Pionnier in Terre
  10. I love the Messager, but personally I'm not a huge fan of the line. It's kind of hit or miss for me, because some of the pieces just look awful to me (particularly the smaller ones that can't show more than one or two squares of the pattern, and the pieces that 'should' be round but are so boxy, like the keepall type piece). Although I'll probably never buy Damier Geant; my favorite color, Sable, was discontinued. :sad:
  11. Ohhh the Souverain? it's $1590 now I believe. I almost bought it more than once but it is so BIG!
  12. i love my messenger:

  13. Pionnier Terre, it's the one I've decided to get for my son. The messenger is very nice looking too. It looks great on you blackbutterfly!
  14. I love the Attaquant's funky, soccerball-like shape in Terre:
  15. Adventurier in black, it's something I want to get for my husband.