What's your favorite...cuff or bangle?


May 17, 2010
Yesterday for Mother's Day dh and my kiddos took me to Tiffany to pick out a little something special. :love: I'd been wanting a bracelet and was thinking about one of the 1837 cuff bracelets, to match the hoop earrings I got last year for Mother's Day. So after trying on a few different styles I came home with this...

I thought I'd prefer one of the wider ones but they felt a little too heavy and I really love how the narrow one feels on my wrist and looks chic and simple, IMHO. But this is the first bracelet I've owned like this and I'm worrying that somehow it will fall off. Probably stupid, I know...but I'm sort of wondering if anyone has ever lost one, maybe while trying on clothes in a dressing room or something? I thought today that maybe I should consider the same style in a bangle...

I don't know...what do you prefer to wear? I think I'd like the feel of a cuff better because it fits closer to my wrist. Is it a silly concern that it will somehow slide off my wrist without me noticing? Or maybe are bangles better since they'd be more secure?
Dec 4, 2010
I prefer cuffs, in fact i actually have the one you just got and i know you will love it!

to me i hate how bangles move up and down your arms where as cuffs generally stay in one place....even though i could be biased because im a boy and i can never get bangles to fit over my hand :lol: