What's your favorite cross body bag?

  1. What's your favorite crossbody bag or hands free bag and why?:idea:
  2. Although I don't have one anymore (I sold it and have regretted it ever since) I loved my LV Musette.

    Now I have cotton bags by Bench and Animal which I love. They are very comfortable and hold loads.
  3. Bench and Animal bags? What do they look like? Are they carried in the states?
  4. My Mulberry Antony in chocolate darwin that i got yesterday for my Birthday! perfect for carrying the essentials when shopping! i find large leather x-body bags just too heavy!
  5. Balenciaga Courier
  6. I have to check those out thanks.
  7. I just bought a Gucci messenger bag in guccisimma leather. I LOVE this bag. I took it to a shoemaker and had an extra hole put in the strap, higher up - so that I can wear it as a shorter shoulder bag as well, so it is truly multi purpose.

    The strap is WICKED comfy - the bag itself is really roomy - there's little pocket inside for a cell phone and the lining is DTF gorgeous.

    I got the choco brown and the leather is soooo rich. I really RREEAALLLLYYYY love this bag.

    I had to put it away since I bought it as a winter bag, really - my LV saleya just doesn't work with my puffy winter coats...

    And DH was outta town when I bought it so I must keep her on the down low - until Fall. Sniff. I miss her already.

    Have to add - this is my first Gucci bag, but def. not my last. I love Gucci!!
  8. Balenciaga Courier and Part-time
  9. Where do they sell them? I 'm having a hard time trying to find some of the suggestions to look at them.
  10. Betsey Johnson has some nice crossbody bags.
  11. Look at Mulberry


    and either go to mens messenger bags or leather bags then small shoulder bags for some of the cross body styles.
  12. thank you!
  13. I've got a Dior Saddle messenger bag in black leather and love it to death. :smile:
  14. I love my Anna Corinna lady duffel and my andrew marc sophia satchel that has a crossbody strap
  15. Balenciaga flat messenger. It's a great bag, very light and a nice size.