What's your favorite color?

  1. I was looking at the Hermes leather colors, and I concluded that my favorite color is sable. Sable is the color of my walls throughout my house; I guess that explains why...I just love the color and it compliments almost all other hues. What is your favorite color? Is there a connection?
  2. actually...my childhood very very fav color....my room was purple, everything purple

    and my first birkin was raisin.

    good connection!
  3. Black followed closely by Rouge H or any deep Red color......can't figure out the connection though unless the black's from my widowed Italian grandmother always shuffling through the house in her house slippers and head-to-toe black dress.

    ....that must be it..............
  4. :heart:Rouge H. I already have 3 bags in rouge H, but I certainly wouldn't mind getting a 4th.
  5. Black...lol...we must be from the dark side, S'Mom...
  6. Mine changes every week or two, usually in connection to someone elses purchases. I think it's just due to the fact that I'm highly suggestible :shame: Right now Graphite in Clemence is allllllll I can think about.
  7. LOL...love graphite clemence...and bj clemence...and black clemence...and...ebene...
  8. and vert olive clemence .... and rouge h clemence...and raisin clemence :rolleyes:
  9. Any colour that comes in an ORANGE box :p
  10. All shades of purple ~ lilac, violet, raisin ... And the irony is that I only have a Raisin Chevre Mysore Karo to satisfy my desire to own something purple from Hermes. I'm patiently waiting for a Raisin Birkin (this is gonna take a long time I was told) and a violet little something that may arrive before the end of the year .... the wait is agonizing but I know it's totally worth it.
  11. ^^ That thing in your avatar, MrsS? :drool:

    This is a hard question, I don't really know which colour I like the most!
  12. vert anis and any of the beige tones.
  13. i love them all ! but i am particularly fond of their reds ,beiges and pink/purple family but also love some greens and blues and of course my signaures white and black see i told you i love them all h manages to do color sooo well withou tlooking cheap/tacky in a any way imaginable kwim :wlae:
  14. Blue Jean followed by Rouge H.
  15. I used to think Etoupe, but lately I´ve been craving rouge h and chocolate. I also adore Raisin!