What's your favorite color VERNIS accessory for Damier?

  1. Hi just got my new Damier Speedy 30 with strap and it is one of my favorite bags of ALL TIME! I just love it!

    I've been dying to get something in VERNIS but have been afraid to pull the trigger. I'd like to get a wallet, cles or anything else in VERNIS to go with her but am undecided on the color. I love pomme with the classic monogram but I'm not too sure about with the Damier.

    Please help! What are your favorites?
  2. Definitely pomme, I feel like because it's such a rich red tone, it really compliments the earthy shades of the damier. What about a cles to hang from your bag, or a pochette wallet in the pomme ?
  3. pomme most definitely!
  4. No doubt ~ pomme!
  5. pomme or violette would be nice.
  6. Pomme! Gorgeous color that would make any canvas pop!
  7. Pomme!
  8. how about violette, pomme is an obvious choice....
    I just can't get enough of violette and push it on everybody:p
  9. Pomme or violette!
  10. Gold looks the best on Damier IMO but to answer your question, pomme.... I wonder if amarante would look?
  11. Pomme.
  12. another vote for pomme :tup:

    although i am rather fond of Amarante
  13. ^^ me too! It's my fav color for Vernis
  14. Pomme! :d:d
  15. Pomme - it's an almost perfect match to the rich red interior so of course it goes well with the Damier. It will look just beautiful!

    But as does violette if you're dying for a piece of that. Or a gold miroir heart...