Whats your favorite color-safe shampoo?

  1. Im currently finihing up a bottle of Pureology Hydrating shampoo and I dont know if Im impressed enough with it to repurchace. My hair is dyed a medium brown (over previous full blonde) and Im curious as to what you use to help keep your color longer?
    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i've been wanting to buy pureology, but haven't gotten around to it yet. i just started using bumble and bumble's color support line. the jury's still out...
  3. I love Redken's Blonde Glam line.
  4. I use a combination of products depending on my mood: Pureology, Lanza and Redken.
  5. Paul Mitchell's line is decent as is Biolage.
  6. I use the Wella-color preserve line. Recommended by my stylist and I have seen a real difference in my highlights staying bright and not fading out.
  8. Redken Color Safe and Biolage are my favs
  9. I use both Redken Color Extend and Aquage Color Protecting shampoo & conditioner. I also use Redken Extreme CAT about once per week - it gives my hair a soft texture and seems to help lock in the color.
  10. I use Redken. Would love to try Biolage though.
  11. I use the Redken color line. It's in the red bottle. I've been coloring my hair since early middle school and have tried sooo many different shampoos over the years. And by far Redken is my favorite.
  12. The Paul Mitchell Color Protect line is great, but I almost prefer Paul Mitchell's Modern Elixir Color Therapy line. It seems to be more conditioning for some reason.
  13. Lush Trichomania, it is a solid shampoo bar that is very gentle and smells delicious. Lush doesn't use that much of SLS which can cause color stripping.
  14. I've always used Redken products but I tried the Wella & I really prefer it.
  15. I really like Frederik Fekkai's Technician Color shampoo & conditioner (it's pink). Also Brunette Goddess by TIGI if you have dark hair.