What's your favorite color in the new vernis?

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Which new vernis color do you like best

  1. Bleu Galactic

  2. Vert Tonic

  3. Rose Pop

  4. Orange Sunset

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I know that everyone is talking about the Roses line or the Graffiti, but I still have vernis on my mind.

    Which color have you gotten, which do you like or intend to get?

    I went in intending to walk out with an Alma in Bleu Galactic... but the colors appeared very different in person than online. The blue didn't seem to POP as much as the others.
    AND finding out that Bleu Galactic and Vert Tonic are limited to six months while Rose Pop and Orange Sunset will be around for twelve have also affected my purchasing strategy.

    So I ended up walking out with an Alma in Vert Tonic

    I was wondering which color everyone else liked best. And if you're getting more than one, which you purchased first.

    I hope to get one in Rose Pop next :P
    I do have a friend who is trying to convince me that I should get Orange Sunset though.

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  2. I think Vert Tonic is my favourite but its closely followed by Rose Pop
  3. Rose Pop of course!:love::love:
  4. Rose pop is dreamy...
  5. Rose pop!!! :heart:
  6. I should've added bags or small accessories? I've seen a bunch of cles & hearts in the Rose Pop, but I don't believe I've seen an Alma yet.

    I think I've seen one Rose Pop Wilshire though :love:
  7. Rose Pop :girlsigh:

    I have already bought the rose pop heart and today I ordered the T&B keychain :love::love::love:

    I am hoping they come out with a Zippy wallet also in RP..:graucho:
  8. They are all stunning, but the green really catches my attention!
  9. I like all of them ~ and plan on getting something from each color except the Orange ... I think I have enough orange on my Roses collection lol!

    Congrats on your VT Alma ~ share pics when you can pleeeaaasssseee!
  10. vert tonic is my favorite but all the other colors are just as beautiful, i wish i could get them all!
  11. Rose Pop!!:heart: Then the Bleu Galactic second!
  12. Bleu Galactic.....then Vert Tonic.....l'm sad l would have bought the Wilt Blvd in Bleu, but out of stock.....oh well l bought some pomme :smile:
  13. For the alma, I think the pink and orange may be a bit much. The green and blue are very nice. Get a pink wallet or cosmetic case instead! I have the pink wallet and blue cosmetic case. I love the look of the alma but not the fact that its hand held.
  14. I really looooove the blue, but I'm not going to get the alma, I just want it for a small makeup pouch that I can use as a clutch sometime if I want. I think it's perfect like that :tup:
  15. bleu galatic or rose pop!