What's your favorite Coach?


Which Coach is your favorite?

  1. Leather only

  2. Suede only

  3. Sig bags

  4. Combination

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Leather? Suede? Sig? combination?

    I received a leather Coach lipstick case today and the leather is soo soft-now, I am pining for an all leather Coach bag.
  2. Optics!!!!! Luv em!

    But i do like the signatures...
  3. Leather, by far. But I'm intrigued by the optic signature and patchwork styles, though I don't own anything in either line. Almost everything I have is leather or suede, but I do have a laminated signature makeup case and a "classic" signature phone case.
  4. I haven't bought a coach leather bag......yet!! LOL
  5. i love their leather and some of the optics.
  6. I like a combo of everything. Their suede bags are unbelievable though.
  7. i only have coach signature bags left, got tired of the leather ones too easily. love the optic lines!!! although not this year with the bee.
  8. I voted for combination since I'm a bit torn. I like all leather, some signature, and combination bags. I'm like you though, I'm pining for an all leather COACH, I just gave my only one to my mom :[ I miss it. I need a new one, and fast!
  9. i love the all-leather bags and some of the suedes.
  10. I love all of them! But I suppose it depends on what the style of the bag is. I really want a Hamptons business tote but would get that in either brown or black leather rather than signature because I think that the signature is a bit overpowering on larger bags (unless it's the black on black signature - that's more subtle). On the other hand, for smaller bags, like my Soho small flap, I like the signature print.

    As for the suede - I LOVE it. I have a bordeaux suede Soho duffle and it's so unbelievably soft that I often catch myself petting it :shame: . However, I would never buy suede in anything light-coloured because it would just get too grubby too fast. Even my duffle is getting a bit grubby (maybe from all the petting ;) ) but luckily it's dark enough that it's only noticeable if I'm looking really closely.
  11. Ha! I do that, too! I imagine my bag was a teddy bear in its former life . . . :heart:

    I only have one suede item and it's gotten pretty, ahem, "worn in" sinced I got it about a month ago. I was actually looking for it to develop wear patterns and a bit of a patina, since I trust Coach leathers to age so well. It just keeps getting softer and squishier, I couldn't be happier. Now if these :censor:ed handles would soften up a bit more I'd be really happy. :lol:
  12. Love the combos- especially leather with a little sig. If I want all leather I'll go Ferragamo.
  13. Out of all of my Coach bags, my fav has to be my Hamptons Signature Business tote in Khaki/vachetta...it is really huge but I love big bags! Plus, not many others have the large business tote:smile:
  14. I love both sig and leather bags.
  15. i like the signature bags.