What's your favorite Coach line?


What's your favorite Coach line?

  1. Madeline

  2. Hamptons

  3. Carly

  4. Bleecker

  5. Resort

  6. Signature Stripe

  7. Legacy (incl Thompson)

  8. Gallery Totes

  9. Ergo

  10. Chelsea

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  1. Okay, I know this is like having to decide which child is your favorite :heart:, but let's hear it! What is your favorite Coach line?

    I'll start.

    This is a tough one between Legacy and Ergo. I love the Legacy lining and have two Ali's, but the Ergo line is so comfortable and gorgeous. So, for now, I SAY ERGO! But if you ask me in an hour, I might change my mind!

  2. Legacy!!!!!!!!!! Legacy!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Legacy.. but I have only hampton bags.. what's up with that?:lol:
    I am desperately looking for a shoulder bag at the outlets but no luck so far :girlsigh:
  4. I vote Legacy! It's my favorite right now.
  5. Majority of my purses are Legacy but I do have bags from other lines as well (Carly, Hamptons, and Chelsea). I just LOVE all Coach!!
  6. Seriously tough question but I voted ergo.......for today lol!
  7. I am really liking my Bleecker stuff right now (2 duffles, British tan and wine, and 1 large flap in wine) But I too, could change my mind really quickly on that. 2nd choice would be my Legacy bags (Ali, hippie, Mandy, slim flap shoulder). WHEW...that is so tough to decide on!!!
  8. I voted Legacy, but also really love Ergo & Soho, and well, everything else :lol:
  9. Legacy! No doubt!
  10. I love my sig stripe bags and voted for that, but I also adore my carly stuff that I have, so that would be my second vote if I got one
  11. Legacy!!!!
  12. Legacy! Legacy! I :heart: Legacy!:love::love:
  13. Legacy!
  14. I bought quite a bit of the bleecker stuff but my favorite has to be the Legacy line!!! :love::love:
  15. LEGACY...I own too many and have one more on the way! BUT...there is a very special place in my heart for my medium Carly...